Hang Your Flower Decoration DIY

Milena Kukurekovic
If you’re looking for a statement party, engagement, or wedding decor piece, then this DIY hanging flower arrangement is for you! Hanging flower arrangements make a stunning DIY project for any event, but are especially fitting for a summer wedding. I love this DIY because it combines the whimsical elegance of a hanging vase, with the modern feel of our {brand new} paint cans! You can go very casual or dress up your outdoor space for an elegant affair. You may wish to go with a rustic, woodsy theme or boho-chic. Whatever style you chose, they're right at home in a backyard wedding, a rustic venue, or an upscale ballroom. All you need is a place to hang from, whether that's a tree, a wooden beam, or a rod. These paint cans will not hold water, so we suggest either using artificial floral stems or adding water tubes to the ends of your flowers to preserve them during your event. Follow along to learn how to make beautiful floral centerpieces to impress guests and beautify your home without having to make any major design changes.

What you need:



Step 1: Arrange flowers in the paint can with the handle up. Try to keep an even weight while arranging so the cans don't tip once hung.

Step 2: Cut a length of ribbon double the height at which you plan to hang arrangements. Slide half of the ribbon under the handle and loop up.

Step 3: Hold both ends of the ribbon and hang arrangement in the desired location.


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What other things could you fill these paint cans with to create hanging decor?

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