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Bohemian Brunch

Dear Summer, it's been great. But I can't say I'm too upset about you leaving. With the last months of summer quickly approaching, it's time to start planning that giant "End of Summer Bash." Whether you and your friends have been throwing the huge shindig every year or this August will be your first one, the End Of Summer Bash must be celebrated, so get ready for a fantastic goodbye Bohemian Brunch.

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The final weeks of summer are a popular time for brunches, parties, wedding receptions, showers, and other special occasions. This time of year is fabulous for outdoor parties because the evenings are still warm, but the oppressive heat of summer is likely gone.
The weather is still warm, ideal for weddings, and nature is even more beautiful for making a ceremony where everyone will enjoy unusually besides you.
The gardens are still full of colorful flowers and have a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, if you plan to get married during this most beautiful season, we recommend choosing a place in nature, such as a large garden or a place in nature where more significant celebrations can be held. In addition to the fact that you will look like from a fairy tale, the beautiful atmosphere and relaxed outdoor festival will also remain for many as a beautiful memory that they will never be able to forget. Whether you choose neutral or pastel shades, rustic or modern style, you can create a unique and unforgettable celebration, both for yourself and your dear guests.
Wheat is an excellent addition to wildflowers, thanks to which you can create a fantastic decor for the center of the table. It is perfect for summer weddings and can also be presented in the form of a mono arrangement, where its beauty is especially pronounced. Moreover, it is a very favorable option because with what you do not have to worry, as with other flowers, that it will dry out too much by the beginning of the ceremony in hot summer temperatures.
You can decorate wedding invitations or table numbers with wheat and thus give them a unique line. In combination with rosemary and lavender, wheat is perfect for decorating chairs. Sheaves of wheat in the middle or along the tables are the ones that especially emphasize the rustic style. Even your wedding cake can get an addition in the form of wheat. You can combine cereal with fresh and dried flowers and plenty of fruits and vegetables for an accurate impression.
Fabric lanterns and candles are perfect for evening wedding variants. Floral details and swaying curtains can create an idyllic environment worthy of attention. If you have a small pond or pool in your garden, you can also organize your wedding in its circle.
Your wedding bow can be in a rustic, boho, or elegant style. Also, if you have a beautiful porch, it can be a good place for wedding decor, with prominent colored lights, flower arrangements, and greenery. You can even use beautiful carpets with an interesting pattern to create a path to the altar and a trail of rose petals. When it comes to colors, neutral and pastel colors look best in the whole story, from white flowers, through dirty pink to delicate purple and pale red, paired with greenery and dry leaves. You can add some bright colors in places to create a unique impression. 
Smarty prepared this fabulous Bohemian Brunch idea for you! 
Create a comfortable and carefree atmosphere that reflects your free spirit! Celebrate the moment with a Bohemian Brunch for you and your guests, and forget the chairs! Instead, just set up a coffee table and layer the floor with pillows. We made our DIY pillows out of rosette chair caps for this Bohemian-inspired brunch-- so cute and affordable!
The news source says spicy shades and vibrant flowers can complement summer ceremonies and add a creative flourish to their fading daylight. We choose hot pink, orange, and navy as examples of rich, seasonal hues because these colors are among the most important considerations for these types of parties.

Hosting a Bohemian Brunch like a final farewell to summer with Smarty's superb selection of partyware will for sure impress all your guests! 

For the place setting, we used our fabulous wavy plates because their unique shape lends itself to the free spirit of the Boho style. Next, we tied together baroque cutlery with a navy ribbon and set it on each plate. Finally, we folded silver napkins in thirds and laid them under each plate.

Boho style mimosa glasses! Viva y deja vivir = Live and let live. | Smarty Had A Party

Mimosas were a must for this brunch! Using Smartyware champagne glasses, we tied a tag around each that said: 'Vive y Deja Vivir!' The phrase 'Live and Let Live' really captures the Bohemian vibe and encourages you to just be and enjoy life.

Bohemian inspired centerpiece decor! Fill vases with citrus fruits for a gorgeous summer centerpiece. | Smarty Had A PartyFill cube vases with vibrant fruits and leaves for your centerpiece decor. It's simple but stunning, and it's one of our favorite summer centerpiece ideas! We set three vases side by side to create a vertical decor piece in the center of the coffee table. You could also use this idea on a large table and arrange the vases horizontally down the middle. Fruits are a perfect decor choice for an outdoor event because they're not affected by the heat and won't obstruct the view of guests socializing across the table.

DIY Rosette Pillow 

Make this DIY pillow out of a rosette chair cap! | Smarty Had A Party

 What you need (allow for 1-2 pillows per guest):

  • rosette chair cap (we used navy and fuschia)
  • zipper
  • pillow insert


  • Stitch zipper into the open side of the chair cap
  • Unzip and place pillow inside
  • Zip back up and your pillow is complete!

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Cheers to Summer!

With love Smarty had a Party!

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