12 Easy Eco-Friendly Party Tips

Uros Krstic

Many more entities have started to realize the importance and dependence we are on the environment. Thus, they have begun to care about the environment and find ways to protect and preserve it for future generations to a greater extent. Being mindful of the environment has made human beings embrace an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to their lifestyle. As a result of this awakening, many companies are also trying to be ecologically minded when they plan and execute an event. Leaving as small of a carbon footprint as possible while meeting their customers' needs is the motto the businesses adopted. 

You might wonder what is being eco-friendly and why it is so important to be ecologically friendly. Being mindful of not causing harm to the environment and preventing damage while living in the said environment is considered eco-friendly. It is a way of living and understanding that your acts affect the environment. Being environmentally friendly ensures a better quality of life, energy, water, cost efficiency, etc. 

While there's a difference between being eco-friendly and following a sustainable lifestyle, one could argue that the two go hand in hand. Sustainability, in simpler words, means minimizing the negative impacts caused by humans on Earth.

Having an ecologically minded attitude in business enhances the sustainability of the company. It reduces the cost and urges more customers to purchase the products and services of the business, as it helps protect the environment. In addition, being a part of a movement that benefits both humans and a cause gives the customers a sense of satisfaction. The facts mentioned above are more reasons to be eco-friendly in event planning, regardless of whether it is done as an individual's effort or through a company. 

We know the creative-minded and fun-loving you love to plan a good party. What other way is better than a party to spend some quality time with your loved ones and have the time of your life, right? But, while you love to have a good time, we know you also love the environment and want to help protect it. So, here are some of our ideas you might want to consider while planning your next joyful event.

1. Palm Leaf Dinnerware

Use palm leaf dinnerware. YES. Palm leaf dinnerware is a thing, my friend. Cutlery and crockery made of palm leaves are entirely natural. These palm leaf dinner wares are disposable, and since they are 100%natural, they are biodegradable. You don't have to tire yourself washing all the dirty plates. Even in the production phase, these do not impact the environment negatively. Palm leaf dinnerware is very durable and microwavable! How can we forget that it is sourced from a renewable source? These dinner wares have a beautiful finish and texture that will stay in the minds of your guests for a long time. The palm leaf dinner wares are affordable; you will save money and the environment. It's a win-win situation, and you don't want to let go.

2. Cloth Tablecloths and Napkins 

Use cloth tablecloths and napkins that can be washed and reused or donated. After choosing the perfect cutlery and crockery, tablecloths and napkins are the following components that make any event of yours to the next level. You can select your napkins and tablecloths from elegant colors like white, ivory, black, etc., to compliment your party, dinner date, or wedding brunch setting. 

3. Refillable Condiment Bottles

Instead of disposable single-serving packets, you can use refillable condiment bottles at buffet stations. Unlike the single-serving packs, you can control the amount of condiment when serving. In addition, since the bottles are refillable, you can use them for a long time and different sauces while minimizing the amount of polythene released into the environment.

4. Refillable Water Bottles

Give refillable water bottles to all your attendees. Then, have water cooler stations around the area for refilling. This method comes in handy for meetings and product shows. In addition, refillable water bottles reduce the plastic waste collected using single-use plastic water bottles or Styrofoam cups.

5. Fluorescent Bulbs

Switch standard light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. How is that possible? Don't they have mercury? Hear us out. Compact fluorescent bulbs are environmentally friendly as they use less energy and emit only a few harmful gasses. And unless the bulb is broken, the mercury in the bulb won't be released. Your electricity bill won't be steep when using CFL bulbs too. You can contact a local corporation to recycle the bulbs, store them in the storage closet after putting the used bulb in a bag, etc. Finding a suitable method to dispose of the used CFL bulb matters. 

6. Locally Grown Food

We all know any event is incomplete without delicious food! You can organize your event environmentally friendly by using a menu that includes locally grown and produced meat, vegetables, fruits, and cheese. If you are serving seafood, the ingredients for the chosen items can be bought from sustainably farmed sources. In any event, food waste is always almost unavoidable. To stop the edible food from going to waste, you can donate the leftover edible food from your events to local food banks. This act of yours will surely fill the mouths of those at risk of starvation, thus helping a fellow human in need and saving the environment. You can also recycle the used cooking oil.

7. Recycling Bins

Provide reusable recycling bins for plastic, aluminum, bottles, and paper to be collected for recycling throughout the event. First, the guests or attendees can dispose of their garbage in the respective bins. After which, you can reuse and recycle the collected waste.

8. Compost

The accumulation of organic waste is most certainly unavoidable at an event. So what can you do to be eco-friendly? First, you can use the collected organic waste to create compost. Compost is beneficial for producing helpful bacteria and fungi, enriching the soil, as a fertilizer, etc.  

9. Recycle the Corks

Many events serve alcohol, and alcohol bottles use cork stoppers. If the corks are thrown around carelessly, they can be considered waste. What can you do with the corks? You can recycle the corks. Let your creativity run wild. Corks can be made into pincushions, stamps, key tags, toys, etc. 

10. Digital Invitations

We are on idea number ten now: an event or function is not complete without the tickets, RSVPs, and the invitation card, is it? Although these cards are beautiful, they are used only for a day and waste paper and money. You can use digital tickets, schedules, invitations, and RSVPs and eliminate the printing of invitations and envelopes. Suppose you want to print the tickets, invitations, envelopes, letterhead, posters, etc. In that case, they can be printed on paper containing 50-100% post-consumer recycled content.

11. Reusable Furniture

Furniture/set pieces are commonly spotted in every event or function. They are used to place food items on, sit on, or simply as a decorative piece. At your next event, you can rent most furniture/set pieces or decorate and reuse the ones you already have.

12. Transportation 

Vehicles emit harmful gasses into the environment, causing air pollution. The loud noise of the horn also contributes to sound pollution. You can be eco-friendly and a good host by encouraging carpooling, ride-sharing, or providing buses and vans for transportation from one venue to another to cut down on multiple vehicles.

The suggestions mentioned above were some of the ideas we thought you would appreciate. We are dependent on the Earth, not the other way around. Therefore, it is essential to keep it in mind.

Love the Earth, and it will love us back!


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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