New Years Shimmer Table

Uros Krstic

New Years Shimmer Table

How To: Tabletop Ribbon Decor

To recreate this weaved ribbon look, you’ll need 4 different colored ribbons, 2 colors 1-1.5’’ thick and 2 colors 3/8’’ thick. We recommend glitter ribbon, but any kind will work, like this pretty navy blue organza ribbon.

  1. Cut 4 sections of ribbon measuring the length of your table the long and 4 the short way, adding 4-6 inches to let hang off the table
  2. Lay each set of 4 ribbon strands flat across the middle of the table, each in the direction they were cut to fit
  3. At the point of intersection, weave the ribbons to make a criss-crossed pattern
Note: You can use double sided tape to get the ribbon to stay in place

How To: Ribbon Belt Place Cards

1. Cut a piece of white card stock to 3 1/2" x 1 1/4" and write the guest’s name on it.

2. Using a craft knife, cut a slit into card stock, about 1" from the edge. The slit should measure about 1" long.

3. Cut the ribbon into an 11" length.

4. Cut the ends of the ribbon to create an angled edge.

5. Slide the ribbon ends through the slits in the card from the back and adjust the spacing according the the napkin you will be using.

6. Fold the ends of the ribbon back away from the card and press down with your fingers. If the ribbon doesn't lay flat, use a piece of double-sided tape under each tail to secure. 7. Slide the napkins into the ribbon loops.

Get the look here:

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