Romantic Garden Wedding Tablescape Ideas

Milena Kukurekovic
If you are searching for modish garden wedding theme ideas but are skeptical about which wedding style to choose for your big day, go for a trendy and romantic rustic wedding theme. Rustic style decor has become the top choice for wedding planners and modern-day couples in the last couple of years. This wedding style works well in any season and features many wood-style elements - it can create that refreshing "outdoorsy" feel, no matter where your party takes place, in the wood, garden, or living room.
We have picked some enchanting wedding setups, full of floral pops and hues of pink and green, that will take your wedding decor to the next level. A garden wedding is both laid back and elegant and makes for a great backyard wedding or vow renewal.

We incorporated a few of our eco-friendly palm leaf products (fabulous square palm leaf collection) into the tablescape to reinforce the natural vibes.

These place settings feature Leafware Dinnerware made from fallen leaves. The texture and contrast of the plates make a beautiful natural setting.

Get creative with natural resources as decor. For example, stone place cards with calligraphy make a unique and budget-friendly way to carry out the garden theme.

Make your centerpieces out of silk hydrangea flowers and styrofoam balls. Check out our tutorial - Eye-Catching Flower Wedding Centerpiece!

Monogram the leaf ware flatware with the bride and groom's initials using a paint pen. It's a simple but sweet touch to add to each place setting.

Thank your guests with hydrangea flower seeds as favors so they can go home and plant the memory of your wedding in their gardens. Just fill favor boxes with seeds and tie them up with an apple green ribbon.

For all of you who prefer a less romantic look, don't worry. Smarty has prepared gorgeous tablescape looks for everyone's taste. Smarty's Palm Leaf Collection has different designs and sizes, so it can beautifully follow any theme you choose for your party.



Wedding Canopies

In addition to the romantic look, wedding canopies are also helpful in the open space as a shelter from the sun and sometimes from the rain. However, they are mainly used for weddings held under a tent. Today, renting the most luxurious tents equipped with crystal chandeliers, LED TVs, lighting effects, and air conditioners is possible.

Wedding Decoration 

Wedding decoration is one of the most critical aspects of your celebration. Flower decoration leaves that first impression when you enter the space and gives your wedding a unique atmosphere and mood. Wedding decoration is the most effective visual experience, especially at a wedding celebration. Whether limiting the wedding to a large number of guests or a small ceremony, spring is the best season, so don't forget to have candles and attractive vases full of fragrant flowers and crystals in the open space. This way, you will provide your guests with an unforgettable celebration that will exceed your and their expectations.

For the evening celebration, include lanterns and lots of balloons. It will look perfect on the dance floor.

For those who love the exotic, travel, and want to give their guests something special, there is always a romantic and unforgettable wedding on the beach. Make it even more spectacular with imaginative decoration because the beach is truly the most beautiful setting outdoors. Outdoor weddings, especially on the beach, are gorgeous and romantic. Try renting fans, tents, or awnings for a very hot location. Let the ambiance be predominantly decorated with white or blue colors, serve the guests cold juices and drinks, and choose plants from the flowers that can be found in the area.

Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are beautiful and romantic. However, the organization of such weddings is not simple. That's why we're going to give you some advice.

1. Make sure your guests are comfortable. Think about what the weather will be like that day or month. Sunny or warm? Don't leave your guests melting in the sun - serve them a cold drink. Keep a cream with a protective factor on hand. Try renting fans, tents, or awnings for a very hot location. If it's going to be cold, tell your guests to dress warmly. In that case, you can rent heaters.

2. Always have a backup plan. What will you do if it starts to rain? The ideal venue for outdoor weddings also has an indoor venue, just in case. Many couples decide to have their wedding ceremony outside and the formal lunch inside. If necessary, the tables can be moved for the ceremony. A tent is another option but can only be used in a sudden downpour. The ground will be soaked with water in prolonged rain, and the guests will walk in the mud.

3. And if the wind blows? Many outdoor weddings suffer because of the wind. Avoid light fabrics such as chiffon and silk. R

4. Can everyone hear? When you imagine your ideal beach wedding, you probably don't hear the waves, the wind, or the kids running around and shouting. You can rent sound systems and microphones.

5. Decoration. One of the bonuses of an outdoor wedding is that nature is all around you, which reduces the need for decoration. However, you have to do something.

6. Keep the food delicious. Does your delivery person have experience in creating an outdoor menu? Let him plan so that the food is fresh and tasty even in the heat.

7. Don't let your guests be thirsty. As alcohol causes dehydration, serve lemonade, iced tea, or punch. But, again, make sure there is enough ice and water.

8. Insects. Place scented candles or insect netting to keep your guests from waving through the air during the ceremony.

9. The sun is coming. Consider setting your wedding at sunset

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