Housewarming Smarty Party - TO PUBLISH!!!!

Uros Krstic

The hustle of moving is a highly stressful thing for everyone. Packing, unpacking, the set up and after all the things we’re bothered by comes a period of adapting to your new space. One thing that people practice which is great to help you feel more at home as soon as possible is hosting a housewarming party to meet the neighbors, make new friends, and instantly feel like a part of the community. Lovely and perfect event and it doesn’t have to be that difficult to organize. Just make sure you do everything right, and to help you, we are giving you these very easy to do, steps to create and host a nice housewarming event for your neighbors.

This is not a gala

The key to a good organization of this kind of an event is simplicity. A party like this is supposed to be casual, friendly, warm and anything but stiff. So for sure it doesn’t take too much of a trouble to create, just make sure you don’t think of it as a black tie, gala night. Think about what would you like your party to be like, a grown ups gathering with drinks and some easy catering, or a backyard, whole family get together with kids, so they can meet and get to know each other too. 

Friendly and personal

In this case, invitations are, actually, not a bullseye. The best thing you can do is to give it an hour, and cruise around your neighborhood to invite each in person. This is a great way for people to get to meet you even before the party, so they would feel even more comfortable in your home. 


Since you’ve just moved into your new home, it is essential to spend as less time and hustle in creating housewarming party. Therefore, the easiest way is to hire a caterer and have a few simple snacks prepared and ready to serve. Ask your neighbors if they have a preposition of a good catering company. 

Supplies welcome

Assuming you didn’t buy or yet unpack your dishes, this is one of the best things you can do for yourself in order to save time and trouble over cleanup, is to purchase disposable dinnerware which is, first, practical, looks classy and fancy, and comes in quite an affordable price. Browse through our website ( and choose your favorite out of the countless collections and possibilities on our website. Minimum time, minimum effort, minimum stress. You’re just a click away from the delivery of your favorite dinnerware. 

Style. Value. Convenience.

Everyone needs space

Your areas should be prepared, and arranged so that your guests have an easy way of moving around. Keep your glasses and drinks on the counter or a single table next to it. Your food area should be on the other place alongside with the plates and cutlery. Try to provide enough place for everyone to sit, which all of us mostly uses the living room for, so besides the sofas, armchairs get some more chairs for them to sit. Or if you make a backyard party, you can ask your guests to bring their own yard chairs. 

Just in case

Suppose you have, of course, cleaned your house completely before you moved in. However, in this particular case, it would be best to have every room tidy and clean. Your guests might like a tour of the house, so make sure all the clothes are put away, beds made, and have your children move or hide the things they wouldn’t like to share with their friends. 

Feeling at home

Again, for the reason that you just moved in, your new living space may not exactly feel like home instantly. An easy and quite nice thing you can do to change this fact is to buy a few bouquets of fresh flowers and scatter them around the areas planned to host your guests through the party. And the most important thing of all is not to forget that this is a casual event created to help make new friends, so what you should really focus on is to stay relaxed and enjoy your time just like everybody else.

Cheers to new friendships!

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