Mini Pancakes on a Stick

Just in case you need some inspiration for a breakfast, here's our Smartacular take on a mini pancakes recipe!



1. Combine milk and vinegar in a medium-sized bowl and let it sit for 5 minutes. In the meantime, combine your flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a mixing bowl.

2. Next, whisk the egg and the butter into the milk/vinegar mixture. Then whisk in the flower, etc. until you've got a smooth batter. It's also imperative that you dance while whisking, the gyration helps loosen the clumps (and you're mood).
3. Heat a large skillet on medium and coat it with cooking spray (you can also use butter if you prefer or a non-stick skillet. Remember, cooking spray is NOT for use non-stick pots and pans). You can also use an electric griddle if you'd like to finally put to use the one you got as a wedding gift six months ago but haven't even taken out of the box yet.
4. When your griddle or skillet is hot, pour just enough batter onto the griddle to form a pancake that is approximately two inches across - this small amount should make the perfect stackable mini pancake for easy "skewering." Cook until you see bubbles on the surface, then flip with a spatula and cook the other side until brown.
5. Stack pancakes to the desired height. For safety reasons, we recommend nothing taller than four stories. Stab your pancakes with your desired skewer, include the fruit of your choice for an additional layer of awesomeness. Serve with syrup on a silver square plate from Smarty had a Party!
6. Enjoy!
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