Paper Lantern Garland

Paper Lantern Garland

What do the best-dressed parties wear? Garland! And we've got a simple way to make your garland stand out: by using paper lanterns. Along with tissue paper and ribbon, it's all you need to add bright, beautiful color to any summer event.

What you need:

Step 1: Fold tissue paper in half and in half again. Cut strips toward the fold that are 1/2 inch thick. Be sure to leave 1 inch space between the strips and the fold.

Step 2-3: Unfold tissue and cut up the center to make two halves. Each half makes a tassel. Start rolling tightly.

Step 4: Twist center into loop. Add a little piece of tape or dot of glue to keep twist in place.

Step 5: Hook twist onto metal hook at the end of paper lantern. Thread ribbon around metal frame. Repeat process for each lantern until your garland is complete

Check back here later this week to see how we used our paper lantern garland!

Much Party Love, Smarties!
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