Be Your Own Bartender

Be Your Own Bartender

With Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day coming up, and the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo following close behind, we have a lot of party opportunities! A stocked bar is an essential to a great party, because without crowd-pleasing cocktails it's really just a gathering, right? The number one greatest thing about stocking your bar with Smarty products is the easy cleanup. Don't worry about broken glassware; our drinkware is made of sturdy plastic. And don't fret about washing your stemware; just dispose of it when the party's over. Smarty partyware is sturdy, elegant, and most importantly, affordable. So let's talk about everything you need from Smarty Had A Party to set up your home bar, and prepare for party time!

Top 8 Smarty Products for Home Bartending

  1. Cocktail Drinkware: Drinkware says a lot about the beverage. Different glasses have different qualities that maximize the drink's flavor. From Manhattan to Mojito to Martini, we've got the drinkware you need.Rocks: made for serving single spirits or hand-crafted cocktails. Martini: v-shaped and shallow, used for serving chilled cocktails without ice. Martini glasses are also great for displaying garnishes. Wine: designed to help you appreciate the aroma of the wine. Pilsner: tall, stemless glasses used for beer. Champagne: designed to preserve the carbonation of the sparkling wine and show off the bubbly.
  2. Ice Buckets: Keep bottles chilled with ice buckets. We have three different sizes to choose from.
  3. Pitchers: We reccomend the 60 oz. pitcher. Remember to snag a few for water, too so you're not running back and forth to the faucet.
  4. Cocktail Napkins: This simple bar accessory can act as a coaster, absorb condensation, and help serve up snacks or hors d'oeuvres. Add some style and color to your bar with our fun selection of cocktail napkins!
  5. Party Picks & Skewers: Adding a pick and a garnish to a drink is the finishing touch! We LOVE the umbrella picks for tropical drinks and the silver cocktail picks for martinis. Check out our variety to find the best party picks & skewers for your bar.
  6. Snacks Bowls: Add salty snacks for your guests to munch on at the bar! Serve pub mix or bar nuts in these cute mini bowls.
  7. Tasting glasses: Can't decide what drink you want? Try them all with these 5 oz. Tasting Glasses! You can also hold your own beer or wine tasting without the fear of mixing any flavors or aromas.
  8. Party bombers: These little bomber cups bring the party with them! Use them to serve up Irish car bombs or Vegas bombs and your guests may think you're a professional.
Now start planning your parties! We're invited, right? :) Much Party Love, Smarties!

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