DIY Gift Card Snow Globes

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DIY Gift Card Snow Globes from #SmartyHadAParty


December is slowly approaching us, isn't it? This means we'll have the chance to host Christmas parties, get-togethers, and other fun events to spend quality time with our loved ones soon. Talking about parties and events made us think of party favors. So we thought of bringing some DIY Christmas party favor ideas for you today! 

Gift Card Snow Globe

We all love getting gift cards, right? So, how great of an idea are these DIY gift card snow globes to give as party favors? Load up a Starbucks card with $5-$10, then wave goodbye to your guests with these cards when they leave — what we are saying is that it will look so much nicer wrapped up in a snow globe! It's a fun way to give gift cards instead of simply handing off a piece of paper. Below, we have shared all the necessary elements you will need to put your snow globe together.

Supplies needed: 

  • A jar with a lid (we used empty salsa and olive jars)
  • A gift card (you can use more than one card)
  •  a small embellishment (we bought ours at a local craft store)
  • A hot glue gun
  • Glitter (you can choose any color you want. We decided to stick with the colors of the season)
  • Some ribbon 
  • And lastly, water

Have you found all the elements to make the snow globe? Then, you can follow the given instructions without further ado. 

The Steps to Make the DIY Gift Card Snow Globe:

Step one: Wash the lid and the jar properly. Make sure to remove any stickers on the jar or the lid.

Step two: Spray the jar lid if you want a different colored cover.

Step three: Glue a thick line of hot glue onto the base of the gift card. Now, carefully stick it to the inside of the lid. Try not to get any glue on yourself and anywhere else. (If you are a kid, remember to bring your parent's help while handling the hot glue gun)

Step four: Glue the embellishment onto the inside lid in front of the gift card. And then, let the glue set for an hour.

Step five: Now, it's time to add some glitter to the jar. 

Step six: Fill the jar with water.

Step seven: Tightly screw the lid back onto the jar.

Step eight: Tie a ribbon around the base of the jar, if desired. 

Here's a suggestion for our lovely smarties: 

*We tested these gift cards after a week, and they still worked. However, we don't recommend leaving the gift cards in the water for longer than a week.

Let's move on to the next idea, shall we? 

Easy DIY Christmas Tree

Yummy treats and a Christmas tree, a perfect summary of Christmas. So why not make just that as a party favor? 

To make a DIY Christmas tree, you will need:

  • Cardboard 
  • Paper streamers (We used green-colored crêpe paper streamers, you can use any color you prefer.)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Colored Paper or tissue (Again, we used green colored ones)
  • Candy

Have you gathered all the elements? Then, let's get to work. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to make a mini Christmas tree.

Step One: Take the cardboard and make a cone shape. Glue the ends firmly so that the cone doesn't come apart. 

Step Two: Take the candies of your choice and fill the cone with them. 

Step Three: Now, take the colored paper and attach it to the mouth of the cone. This should successfully seal the goodies inside the cone. 

Step Four: Cut the Crêpe paper streamers to the appropriate length. (Should be enough to cover the cone) 

Step Five: Attach the streamers to the cone from the bottom. You can start with about two layers. Let it dry and continue the same process until you cover the entire cone with crêpe paper. 

(To get their hands on the yummy goodness inside, the guests will have to simply remove the paper attached to the mouth of the cone)

Did you have fun doing this project? We are sure you'll enjoy our third idea too. 

Pouch for the Sweet Tooth

This party favor comes together in no time, and it's cheap too. Our kids loved these favors so much. 

All you need are:

  • Clear treat pouch
  • Red color candy
  • White marshmallows (We used mini marshmallows)
  • Clear cups

(We only used two colors of sweets. You can use as many colors as you want)

Here's how to assemble your party favors:

Step One: Take the cups and fill them with a layer of marshmallows. 

Step Two: The second layer should be the red candies

Step Three: Repeat until the cup is filled to the brim. (If you are using more than two colors of candy, alternate between those)

Step Four: Now, carefully place the cups inside your clear treat pouch. We don't want to spill any treats.

Step Five: You can now tie off the pouch with a string or a piece of ribbon.

DIY Santa's Hat

This super easy DIY Santa hat is a kid's favorite. 

Here's what you are going to need to make your Santa hat:

  • Clear pastry bag
  • Garden twist wire (You can also use a string or a piece of ribbon)
  • Pom poms (We used white ones)
  • Candy
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Glue 

How to make:

Step One: First, take the pastry bag and fill it with candies. (We recommend You use one color or two colors that fit the theme to do so)

Step Two: After you are satisfied with the amount of candy, twist the bag and tie it with a twisted wire or a string. (If a part of the bag remains below the ribbon, snip it off. This will make the hat look neat and help sit it upright)

Step Three: Now, place the bag upright on a flat surface. Then take the pom poms and attach them around the mouth of the pastry bag. The string will not be visible after you are done. Attach one pom on the top of the bag too. Let it dry. And you are done.

Which idea did you find easy? Let us know in the comment section. 


Party on Smarties! With Love, Smarty Had A Party!

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