Stunning Summer Jam Tips

Milena Kukurekovic
Summer is officially here, and there’s nothing that says fun in the sun like throwing an outdoor party. Here are our top tips for having the Smartest outdoor party around. You'll be surprised at how a bit of extra attention and a few creative ideas can give your party a fabulous vibe.


  1. Go with a theme -Sticking with a theme is an easy way to ensure your party packs a punch. Don’t worry about matching every piece of your dinnerwareflatware, servingware, and drinkware — but do keep the look cohesive by choosing an overarching motif. Use sleek and modern elements for a stunning tabletop, or opt for an assortment of shabby-chic pieces for a rustic touch.
  2. Nature is full of color, and your tablescape should be too - When you’re entertaining outdoors, you don’t need to worry about coordinating with paint colors or rug patterns. You can mix and match bright and bold colors to your heart’s desire.
  3. Get decorative - If you put a bit of effort into your decoration, people will notice. Wall decorations, fairy lights, and photo booth props will add to the party vibe, so get creative and think about how you can turn your house into the ultimate party venue.
  4. Ditch those red Solo cups for something a bit classier - Your guests (and your mad mixology skills) deserve a better plastic glass. Dress things up with a trendy beverage dispenser, a pretty pitcher, carafe, and fancy cocktail glasses. All without breaking the bank...or the glass.
  5. Ice, ice baby. Help others help themselves - We should all know by now that you can’t be the life of the party if you’re stuck in the kitchen or behind the bar. Let yourself mix and mingle the whole night by setting out buckets of chilled wine and beer so guests can help themselves.
  6. Keep the kids entertained - Don’t forget some special treats for the kiddos. Candy and treat bars are all the rage right now. So fill yours up with push pops, popcorn boxes, and delicate boxes of colorful candies. (P.S.- The adults will get in line for these mini-morsels too!)
  7. See (don’t stumble over) the light - Extension cords running through the backyard are as good as tripwires, especially for an after-dark affair. Instead, light up your space with battery-operated LED lights.


    Whether you plan to host a backyard, birthday, or wedding party, these seven steps will set you up for summer party success. What Summer party tips do you have to make your outdoor events memorable and fun?
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