An Oh So Smarty Kids Halloween Party - HALLOWEEN POST!

Uros Krstic

An Oh So Smarty Kids Halloween Party

This year our little family decided to steer away from the “cliché” kids party ideas. We could have paid $20 a kid for cheap pizza and about 10 minutes worth of coins at good ol’ Chuckies. We could have bought all super hero themed gear, a fad which would be inevitably out grown before the next birthday party. Or we could create our own “reusable” theme.

We decided to call upon our event hosting experts at Smarty Had A Party to help us host a “Smarty Halloween Costume Party.” Our beautifully arranged tables were filled with gorgeous appetizer plates, chip bowls and frilly tooth picks. Complements flooded the conversations all afternoon. This was our first opportunity to meet the other parents in Tyler’s Kindergarten class. Impressing our guests was key, so we were glad the party left such a great impression and established new friendships.

One unique hit and highlight of the party was the “sugar cookie decorating station.” We set up a table full of pre-made sugar cookies with an assortment of toppings and icings. The kids were excited to be able to create their own masterful treats. Smarty’s mini square dishes were extremely helpful with separating the different toppings. They were also easy for the kids to pick up and pour, creating less of a mess! Even parents brought out the kid inside out and created their own cookies. Whats the best part? We have all our party supplies for Tyler’s next six years of parties! Anytime we want to host a party we will turn to Smarty! Thank you Smarty Had A Party! The Calhoun Family

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