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Hot Party on a Cold Day


Say Goodbye to your winter blues: The holidays have whisked on by! Their fleeting frenzy has given way to snow and cold winter days, and we’re left seeking new adventures.  Well who said the warmth and exciting parties have to stop? And who says we have to freeze and keep trudging around the icy gloom? We don't!  Because I have got just the cure: throw a summer party in the middle of the winter! This will help ease our seasonal depression symptoms (plus it costs a whole lot less than flying out to Miami). It's going to be refreshing. I've already done it, and I'm still benefiting from all the sun I soaked up. I'm pumped with energy and filled with sunshine, and now you can be too! This is how it will all go down:  


  • Turn those heaters up!
  • Strip down to your bathing suits
  • Set up some strong bright lights all over the party room and some mirrors to reflect the bright lights all over the room
  • Have all your guests apply suntan lotion when they arrive (that scent will really bring you back to those good ol'e warm beach days)
  • Hand out sunglasses to all the guests to wear
  • Blast some summer tunes or jam to some on a guitar
  • Hang up big bright yellow backdrops to resemble the sun
Table Decor:
  • Dine in picnic style!
  • Spread a summery/beachy tablecloth out on the floor.
  • Put down some beach towels to sit on or roll them up and place them in a picnic basket on the side for decor.
  • Place the suntan lotion bottles on the tablecloth along with some sunglasses.
  • Get some beach pails to hold some party snacks like chips.
  • Go to the dollar store to find some more summery or beachy accents (I bought most of this stuff from there or found them around the house).
  • Fresh cutup fruit on skewers or on a serving platter.
  • Hamburger Sliders
  • Chips
  • Fries and ketchup
  • Spiked Snow Cones (or leave out the alcohol if there will be kids around)
Tabelware Products I used:
DuoClearmnMiniSampleCup 20inchPalmPicks
Hopefully,  this small dose of summer will hold you over until the real deal hits in June.  Don't forget to send pictures (via Smarty's Facebook Page or submit to Smarty's event gallery) and let us know how your 'Hot Party on a Cold Day' turns out!  Good luck!

Willy Wonka Inspired Party

This Willy Wonka inspired theme is definitely for the candy lovers out there! Throw a party like this for your kids and you may just win mom or dad of the year! 

This kind of party definitely takes some thought and planning time, but that could be half the fun!

Here are a few place setting ideas based on the movie characters Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, and Violet Beauregarde (don't worry, I can't pronounce it either!): Note: For all characters use fun, colorful plates and flatware

We love these Smarty plates:

Colored Plates Smarty Elegant Disposable Plastic Dinnerware

Tropical Pink Plates      Square Red Plates


How To Create: Augustus Gloop Place Setting
  1. Fill a bowl with chocolate pudding and place it on top of a plate
  2. Choose any thin chocolate bars or wafers, unwrap them, and put them in the bowl of pudding so that the ends stick out
  3. Cover the room on the plate around the bowl with unwrapped chocolates, such as Hershey's Kisses and Rolos
  4. Fill the glass next to this plate with chocolate milk
How To Create: Veruca Salt Place Setting
  1. Cover the plate with salt
  2. Place either a plastic gold egg or chocolate eggs in gold wrappers on top
  3. Fill a glass with milk to put by this plate
  4. If you want, you can add a mini balance scale with a taped on sign that says "Good/Bad"
How To Create: Violet Beauregarde Place Setting
  1. Put a bowl of blueberries on the plate
  2. Cover the area around the bowl with individually wrapped gum
  3. Fill the glass next to this plate with multi-colored mini gum balls
How To Creaate a Willy Wonka Centerpieces  
  1. Place a white pedestal in the center of the table
  2. Put a clear plastic bowl packed with candy on top
  3. Hang a Willy Wonka colorful hat on one of the pedestal's corners
Additional decorations:
  • Use icing to write the name of the character on a chocolate bar, then put it on the corresponding plate
  • Print pictures of Willy Wonka movie scenes and put them in colorful frames on the tables
  • Scatter miscellaneous candies by each person's plate
A party like this deserves to be bragged about, so make sure to share your pics on the Smarty Had A Party Facebook page!

Autumn Inspired Place Setting

Autumn Inspired place Setting by Smarty Had A Party

I can't get enough of the soft orange color palette, and of course, the silverware that fools even me. Who knew disposable dinnerware could look so exquisite and SO real?! Bring the class without the hassle to your upcoming Thanksgiving meal, fall event, or even Tuesday night dinner. Get the look here: 

Ivory with Gold Embossed Rim Plastic Dinner Plates

Silverware Value Set (Can also be bought separately)

Wine Goblets 

Dinner Napkins


Fall Table Runner

Love it or hate it, we'd love to know what you Smarties think. Share your thoughts on our Facebook page. *Dishes may be reused, recycled, or used as makeshift steering wheels in your children's cardboard box cars.

DIY Wedding Terrarium Centerpieces

Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces

Keep up with the wedding trends and give your table an enamoring Beauty and the Beast feel with these enchanting rose centerpieces.

Here's what you'll need:
  • 2+ cake cups (domed, depending on size)
  • 2-3 fake or fresh roses per cake cup (or other preferred flower)
  • 8+ old hardcover books
  • a couple handfuls of greenery
  • 3+ candles
How to make 'em:
  1. Lay a handful of greenery on each cake cup.
  2. Put 2-3 roses on top of the greenery and enclose them with a glass dome top.
  3. Make a few uneven stacks of books and place one cake stand on each stack.
  4. Surround the cake domes with candles, including on top of remaining stack(s).
Perfect for spring and summer, these centerpieces make any table look absolutely charming. For an added touch, place a pile of personalized matchboxes next to the centerpiece. There are so many other ways to fill these mini cake domes, like with candles or desserts. Try sticking an edible glitter cupcake in each dome and put one by each person's plate. That will definitely get your guests talking. More Smarty ideas are always welcome. Just post 'em on our Facebook page

DIY Flower Pot Ice Cream Sundaes

Happy (belated) birthday, Earth! Now, let's eat!

In honor of Earth Day, we, the Smarty NYC team, decided to plant some seeds… and eat them too. What a great way to celebrate! Check it out. Introducing the Flower Pot Ice-Cream Sundae.

Things got a bit messy over the weekend when we decided to make our own Flower Pot Sundaes in honor of Earth Day. Using our desks, we spread out all our ingredients, including our freshly picked flowers from Central Park, and got to work.

First, we scrubbed our flower pots with soap and water, knowing we would soon be eating from them as bowls. Then we crushed the chocolate cookies into tiny pieces to represent dirt. We packed the "dirt" into the bottom of the flower pots to cover the drain hole, but let me warn you, no matter how thick you pack it, ice-cream is bound to seep out. To avoid (any more) sticky ice-cream puddles, we got creative and fashioned our plugs using paper towels and tape. Using the bottom of a pot as a stencil, we cut the paper towels into small circles and taped them over the drain holes. If you can find a thicker material such as the bottom of a styrofoam cup, it would be preferable.

We then scooped ice-cream over the cookie layer, mixing in our seeds, chocolate chips.

To top it off, we covered the ice cream with more cookie crumbs, guiltily eating some in the process.

The last step was to take a straw and insert it into the center of the pot. We then stuck flowers and leaves through the straws (so the flowers wouldn't touch our ice-cream directly) and got our spoons ready. We really should have given our flower pot sundaes 15 minutes in the freezer to harden, but we were too hungry to wait. What a weird feeling eating a potted plant, but wow, were they delicious!

I can tell you firsthand that these are super easy to make, so why not put together a bunch to give out as appetizers or make an activity out of it and have each of your guests make his or her own? You don't even need Earth Day as an excuse to make them. For extra flare, write your guests' names on popsicle sticks and place one in each pot. Remember to post pictures on the Smarty Facebook page!

  What you'll need:
  • 3 small clay flower pots
  • 3 straws one tub of any flavored ice cream (chocolate would be the most realistic, but any flavor is fine if you don't want a chocolate overload)
  • ½ bag chocolate chips and/or sprinkles (your seeds)
  • 1/2 box chocolate cookies, 2 thick slices of cake, or 3 brownies (your dirt)
  • 3 fresh flowers and 6 stemmed leaves
  • 6 paper towels
  1. Wash out your flower pot and cover the drain hole at the bottom with the cookie half.
  2. Crush up the cake or brownies and fill the pot with the pieces, leaving ¼ cup to the side.
  3. Soften the ice-cream and mix in chocolate chips and/or sprinkles. Then pack the ice-cream into the pot until approximately ½ inch from the top.
  4. Slide the straw through the middle of the potted ice-cream and cut the top so that only ½ inch sticks out.
  5. Let your dessert harden in the freezer for about fifteen minutes.
  6. Cover the top with a layer of the remaining cake or brownie pieces and insert a flower into the straw along with a couple leaves.
Dig in!