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How to Choose a Tablecloth Size

Blog-Party-Tips-Tablecloth-Size-SmartyHadAParty We get this question all the time: How do I know which tablecloth size is right for my event? Well, we have the answers! We’re going to break it down for you here, so you’ll always know how to perfectly dress your tables.  

Round Tables

To calculate the correct size for a round tablecloth:
  • Measure the diameter of the table.
  • Casual dining events call for a 6-10” drop. Add 12” to your table’s diameter, and your tablecloth will have a 6” drop. Add 20” to your table’s diameter, and your tablecloth will have a 10” drop. Choose a round tablecloth that is no smaller than the smaller number and no bigger than the larger number.
  • For formal dining, add 60” to the table’s diameter to determine the tablecloth size.

Square Tables

To calculate the correct size for a square tablecloth:
  • Measure along one side to establish the table's width.
  • Casual dining events call for a 6-10” drop. Add 12 inches to your table’s width, and your tablecloth will have a 6” drop. Add 20” to your table’s width, and your tablecloth will have a 10” drop. Choose a square tablecloth that is no smaller than the smaller number and no bigger than the larger number.
  • For formal dining, add 60” to the table’s width to get the tablecloth size.

Rectangular Tables

To calculate the correct size for a rectangular tablecloth:
  • Measure the short side of the table to establish its width. Measure the long side of the table to establish its length.
  • For casual dining, add 12” to both the width and the length to create a 6” drop. For a 10” drop, add 20” to the table’s width and length. Choose a rectangular tablecloth that is no smaller than the smaller number and no bigger than the larger number.
  • For formal dining, add 60” to the table’s width and its length to get the tablecloth size.
  Note: Most tablecloths come in standard sizes, so purchase the tablecloth size that is closest to your measurements.

A Fabulous Summer Party Inspiration


Summer calls for amazing drinks, delicious food, and great company. Whether it’s the first BBQ of the season or a weekly gathering, host your guests in style. No need to stress because we have you covered. We put together some summer party inspiration that is sure to impress your friends and family. First things first. When you are planning your next party, think about the venue. The ambiance will help you decide on a color palette that will complement the party environment. For our summer bash, we chose yellow, gray, white, and green. These colors are great for a summer party because of the crisp, vibrant, contemporary, fresh look they bring to events. 


Part of our color palette inspiration came from fresh fruit. Using fruit as part of your event decor is a great way to add natural, inexpensive, reusable elements to your party while enhancing your color scheme. We used lemons and limes. For a simple, pretty place card, put a pick in a piece of fruit. Then cut a shape out of card stock, add a decorative border, and the name of one of your guests. We chose to make square place cards to mimic the shape of our plates. Pair the pick place cards with our cocktail napkinsyellow dinner napkins, clear and silver beaded napkin rings, square cups, and the glimmer forksknives, and spoons to wow your guests. 

Drink stations are perfect for summer events!...Especially when you do signature drinks like hard lemonade and mojitos! | www.SmartyHadAParty.comContinue to use your key colors and elements throughout your party. We reused lemons and limes to create a drink station. This drink dispenser is stackable, and its hollow space at the bottom is perfect for decorating. 

 For centerpieces, remember that you want to be able to see and talk to the guests that sit across the table from you. Thus, it is sometimes best to use a low centerpiece. We used a square glass vase with yellow and white calla lilies. We made sure to show off the beautiful green stems of the flowers to give the table a balanced and fresh look. Love this color combination? Shop the entire Lilian Collection here. Looking for edible inspiration for your party? Check out our 3 Summer Salads blog. Party Seriously, Smarties! 

The Newest Trends in Party Products

VictoriaBanner_SmartyHadAParty You’ve heard the saying “The Clothes Make the Man,” right? Well, when it comes to dressing up your special event, The Products Make the Party. Just look at some of the fun you can have with the current trends in party products:

  1. Mix and match patterns. Dots, stripes, paisley, chevron, gingham...put them all together, and you have a party! No longer do these pretty patterns have to keep to their respective corners at your event; they can mix and mingle all night long. Check out the variety of patterns in our plastic dinner plate selection and start pairing your faves.
  2. Champagne towers. The classic Champagne coupe glass never goes out of style. And you can take this party staple to a whole new level by using our Plastic Champagne Glasses to build a Champagne tower. If you want to make a show of it, practice pouring (first with water, until you get it down) from the top glass to spill over and fill the levels of glasses below. It’s a party trick reminiscent of the Jazz Age, but one that will never cease to amaze and impress your guests.
  3. Drink stations with small sips. I don’t know about you, but we love the idea of drink stations so much that we want to try every offering on the table. However, that can turn into a bad idea when alcohol is being served, which is why sippable serving sizes are genius! By pouring sample sized portions of your cocktail menu in our Mini Martini Glasses, guests can try every one of your creative concoctions.
  4. Family-style dining at wedding receptions. You can really work up an appetite planning a wedding! So forego the stuffy formal dining service and let everyone dig in, family-style. Our Multi-Purpose Serving Containers are perfect for passing around those delicious salads and sides. Just make sure you get enough for everyone!
These are just a few of the current trends we’re seeing. What party product trends do you love?

Fantastic Summer Party Tips

Summer is officially here, and there’s nothing that says fun in the sun like throwing an outdoor party. Here are our top tips for having the Smartest outdoor party around.

  1. When you’re entertaining outdoors, you don’t need to worry about coordinating with paint colors or rug patterns. You can mix and match bright and bold colors to your heart’s desire.
  2. Your guests (and your mad mixology skills) deserve a better plastic glass. Dress things up with a trendy beverage dispenser, a pretty pitcher, and fancy cocktail glasses. All without breaking the bank... or the glass.
  3. We should all know by now that you can’t be the life of the party if you’re stuck in the kitchen or behind the bar. Let yourself mix and mingle the whole night through by setting out buckets of chilled wine and beer so guests can help themselves.
  4. Don’t forget some special treats for the kiddos. Candy and treat bars are all the rage right now. So fill yours up with push pops, popcorn boxes and delicate boxes of colorful candies. (P.S.- The adults will get in line for these mini-morsels too!)
  5. Extension cords running through the backyard are as good as tripwires, especially for an after-dark affair. Instead, light up your space with battery-operated LED lights.


These five steps will set you up for summer party success. What Summer party tips do you have to make your outdoor events memorable and fun?

Employee Appreciation Should Happen Every Day

At Smarty Had A Party, our employees come first. That concept is ingrained in our company values, and it shows in our company culture. Take for example just a few of the events and programs that have taken place at Smarty over the past month:

  • Surprise Slushies In The Warehouse. We’ve had some pretty hot weather lately in St. Louis, so last week we decided to surprise our hard-working warehouse crew with free slushies in the (air-conditioned!) breakroom. The whole team enjoyed an extra break and icy treats to help them cool down. In fact, when temperatures get too hot around Smarty HQ, it’s our policy to give warehouse staff hourly breaks to get water, rest, and cool off so they can continue to be the amazing pickers, packers and shippers that they are!
  • Smarty-Tested Product Giveaways. Whenever Smarty adds another fun party product to its inventory, we make sure our Smarties are the first to try it out. This month, we handed out our 21-oz Plastic Multipurpose Serving Containers to the whole staff so they could give us feedback on how they use it, what they like about it, how it should be marketed and shipped, etc. The feedback we get from our own employees is what makes our products tried-and-true accessories at our customers’ parties.
  • June Birthday Breakfast. Every month we take some time to celebrate our Smarties’ birthdays. This month, we gathered the whole crew to sing happy birthday to those born in the month of June. We also enjoyed a delicious spread of bagels and cream cheese to mark the occasion.
  • Continuing Education for Upper Management. While school is out for the rest of St. Louis, our upper management team headed back to class to take a few supplemental education classes that help them be the best leaders they can be and improve the employee experience for everyone at Smarty.
Breakfast-2a Programs and events like these are ongoing at Smarty, as we strive to make sure each and every employee feels special, and knows how much we appreciate their contribution to our success.  Is employee appreciation a focal point of your company?  Let us know ways you show your employees you care!