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  • DIY Martini Party Favors

    I recently did a baby shower for my stepmother's friend. The shower was on a budget, and she  needed a favor that would be cost-effective. The Martini favors were such a great hit that I had grown  adults fighting to make sure they received one!
  • Salt-and-Pepper Cheese Puffs (Gougères)

    These easy puffs are especially good made with strongly flavored, aged white English, Irish, or Canadian cheddar. We like to use an imported sea salt with pretty, crunchy crystals, such as fleur de sel, Halen Môn, or Maldon, but any coarse sea salt will work. The puffs can be made up to 1 month ahead and frozen; cool, then freeze airtight. Reheat thawed puffs, uncovered, in a 375° oven until crisp and hot, about 5 minutes.
  • It's My Party And I'll Spend If I Want To!

    I wonder if people will be celebrating this New Years Eve differently than last year and the year before - remember those times of plenty, when our parties had access to unlimited resources? Or, maybe, everyone is just so sick of being confined by the economy's tragic luck that they will just say: 'The hell with it! It's NEW YEAR'S & I'm going all out!' 
  • You're Much More Creative Than You May Think

    There are numerous reasons for doing-it-yourself: budget, excess time, but the best, and certainly the healthiest motive would be expressing creativity. Sometimes, what you need, is just a hint of an idea and the possibilities, visions, and designs are becoming endless. Today, enjoy spending time in creating a beautiful frosted jar lantern centerpiece.
  • Light Yet Delicious Summertime Meal

    During the midsummer we all need as much refreshment, hydration and vitamins as we can get. And, maybe, we haven't noticed that but we all seek for light meals with fresh, cooked or grilled vegetables. Here is an easy idea on how to get a great vitamin complex yet enjoy the delicious soup taste during a hot summer day. Enjoy Abruzzo Summer Minestrone
  • Margarita Doesn't Have To Be Just A Drink

    It’s just amazing how good is the time we spend partying with our loved ones, and how much energy it gives us. One very important thing, and often, keeping the party up and together, is certainly the drink. It’s the favorite one to many, but there is one very interesting fact about it. What if you could convert your favorite drink to a dessert? Enjoy these delicious margarita cupcakes.