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DIY Fondue Favor

Little miniature dishes of chocolate fondue, to take home and light up at leisure. Perfect for anytime you want to say, thank you for coming in a very sweet way!

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DIY: Rustic Guestbook Table

We love this original vintage, rustic party theme so we decided to let you in on how to do it yourself.

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    DIY Coaster Favors From Recycling Corks

    DIY Coaster Favors From Recycling Corks

    Step #1

    - Prepare the following materials: discarded wine bottle corks, cardboard sheets, scissors, craft cutter, brown acrylic, paint brush, glue gun or crafter’s glue.

    Step #2

    - Using the cutter, slice the corks into discs approximately 1/8″ in thickness.

    Step #3

    - Cut circles from the cardboard, each 4″ in diameter. Paint both sides of each circle with brown acrylic paint. Let these dry thoroughly. [Hint: You can also make a trivet by cutting out a larger diameter—a practical bridal shower gift!]

    Step #4

    - With the glue gun or crafter’s glue, cover each cardboard circle with a layer of cork discs, letting the edges of the discs touch each other. [Hint: For an interesting design, combine different sizes of cork discs on each cardboard circle. Lay them out on the circle first, to plan the best effect before you actually apply the glue.] Then, use the cutter to trim the parts of the cork discs that extend beyond the cardboard.

    Sweet Combo: Bold Zebra + Tiffany Blue

    This modern chic theme is very classy but nevertheless it still manages to display that playful streak. And if you love this look and want to try something REALLY bold for spring/summer… consider swapping out the soft blue for a bright lemon yellow or vibrant lime green!

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