DIY Super Cute Easter Candy Centerpiece

Milena Kukurekovic
Hello Smarties! We love to talk about different holidays or parties with you. So, what holiday should we talk about today? Easter? Easter it is. Then, Smarties, do you know why Easter is celebrated? You are right to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Easter is not celebrated on a fixed day every year. But it is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon. This Sunday mainly falls after the 21st of March.

Easter Sunday is always a fun filler holiday for everyone. Who can say no to the yummy food, quality time, party games, and the rest? Being a holiday, It is definitely the time for a party! If you are planning an Easter Sunday dinner – or even if you're not – you may be thinking about a centerpiece. Instead of paying a small fortune for a store-bought piece, why not consider making one yourself?
These centerpieces have been our favorites for Easter for some time now. We are sure our Super Cute Easter Candy Centerpiece will be everyone's favorite Easter decoration and make your Sunday dinner much prettier – so fun! Did we tell you it is super easy to make it yourself too!
We didn't want to put all our eggs in one basket! Pun was intended :). That's how we came up with this first centerpiece idea. With this, You Don't put all your eggs in one basket! Instead, you turn them into an elegant centerpiece arrangement using our cube vases and bamboo leaf cones. Why do we use bamboo leaf cones? Because the bamboo leaf cones resemble a nest and look adorable when filled with colored candy eggs. Your guests will love your edible centerpieces, and you'll appreciate how easy this DIY Easter candy centerpiece is to create!
You only need a few items to make this eye-catcher! 
Everything You Need For an Easter Candy Centerpiece: 
  • Cube vase
  • Green Easter grass
  • Egg-shaped candy
  • Mini bamboo leaf cones
  • Grosgrain ribbon
How to Make Easter Candy Centerpiece - Step By Step

Are you ready with the materials smarties? Then let us make the centerpiece!  

Step one: First, take the Cube vase and fill the bottom of it with the green Easter grass.

Step two: Then, take the Mini bamboo leaf cones and place three cones inside.

Step three: Next, fill each cone with egg-shaped candy! Fill it to the brim. We can never have enough chocolates, can we? 

Step four: After filling the cones, grab the Grosgrain ribbon. Then, cut about 32 inches of it. Tie the ribbon around the vase in a bow. And you are done.

Step five: Place the centerpiece on the table at your next spring soirée! 

DIY Easter Candy Centerpiece | Smarty Had A Party

Easter Candies and Flowers!

We have another centerpiece idea too! The materials you need are, 

  • A large vase 
  • A glass
  • Candy - We recommend using jelly beans or egg-shaped candies!
  • Flowers - In our opinion, lilies, tulips, daffodils, or orchids will make for a good choice. But of course, you can use any flowers you like. 

Here is how you can make this second centerpiece. 

Step one: Take the glass and place it inside the large vase.

Step two: Fill the glass with water. It will keep the flowers fresh!

Step three: Now, fill the vase with candies of your choice. They can be a mix of colors, or you can use one color for each row! Stop filling when you reach the top of the glass.

Step four: Take the flowers and place them inside the glass. Remember to be gentle, folks!

There is another way to make this centerpiece. For this method, you don't want a glass. Instead, you need a vase, and we used Disposable Plastic Wine Carafes. Then fill the vase with candies. Then take some flowers and arrange them around the vase. Finally, tie the flowers tightly with a pretty ribbon. The finished centerpiece will look like the flowers are holding your candy! 

Easter Centerpiece, But Make It Green

Easter falls right before spring. So our third centerpiece idea is inspired by the pop of green in spring! 

You will need: 

Here is how we put together our third centerpiece:

Step one: Grab a considerable amount of Barley or wheatgrass to form a bunch. 

Step two: Then tie the grass with the Grosgrain ribbon.

Step three: Next, place the tied grass in the middle of the dish.

Step four: Put the hay or Easter grass around the grass. 

Step five: Finally, take the Easter egg candies and gently place them on the hay. Isn't this centerpiece cute? 

For All the Smarties Who Love a Quick Idea! 

Our fourth centerpiece idea is easy to put together. It takes less than 5 minutes!

You will need a plate, some hay, and eggs that have been colored. All you have to do is take the plate and then form a nest-like form with the hay! And lastly, place the colored eggs inside the nest. Remember to be careful with the eggs. We don't want to clean that mess, do we? 

This Centerpiece Idea Is For Bunny Lovers!

To make our fifth centerpiece, you need to find a long bowl, Easter egg candies, chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, and Easter grass. Are you ready with the materials? Then, let's get to set the centerpiece up! 

Step one: Take the bowl of your choice. We used Clear Oval Plastic Serving Bowls. Then fill the bottom of the bowl with Easter grass. We should be able to place our candies and eggs upright!

Step two: When you are happy with how the Easter grass looks, slowly place the Chocolate bunnies inside the bowl. We want the centerpiece to look like bunnies on grass. 

Step three: Finally, you can place the colored eggs and Easter egg candies to complement the chocolate bunnies. 

Looks cute, right? 

We have given our favorite centerpiece ideas to you. Which centerpiece did you like? Smarties, here is a little suggestion. Fold the napkins to look like bunnies! It will complement your centerpiece well. 


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For more Easter tablescape ideas check out our Spring Events board on Pinterest! Much Party Love, Smarties! Smarty had a party!

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