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Plain white…it provides the feeling of nothing but pure innocence, peace, and honesty. The industrial color matches any possible idea or vision someone can create and imagine. It matches any texture or pattern, and, of course, it will always match your perfect lovely white wedding dress. Have your event embossed in style and grace with Smarty's white dinnerware collection, and pick some of our beautiful and different-shaped plates, forks, knives, spoons, table covers and chair covers,...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can white dinnerware do for my tablescape?

In short, whatever you want it to be. White is one of those overlooked colors that can brighten up your table. It can also calm down a bright color scheme or make a rustic appearance. You can explore so many different looks with white in the mix. Don't be afraid to explore the world of options waiting for you in this Smarty collection.

Can we have an all-white table setting?

You can undoubtedly have an all-white table setting if you want to. You'll enjoy the clean and crisp appearance, and it's going to be fantastic when searching for something unique, memorable, and refreshing. In addition, cool white will be an excellent choice for showing off all of your food and drink options perfectly.

Is white appropriate for a wedding?

White is definitely appropriate for a wedding! While it is the bride's color, it doesn't mean you can't use it for that special event! White will help create a smooth and captivating table design perfect for that special life-changing day. The rest is all about dressing it up. If you are making this design for a wedding, we highly recommend our value set and also pairing it with some crystal stemware!

How should I choose which white items to get?

If you know that you want some but not all white options in this collection, you'll want to create a vision in your mind of what your table settings will look like. What pieces are you missing? Will white ones work? Are you instead going to use white as an accent color in something like napkins or table covers? Think carefully about how every element of your table will work together, and it'll help you plan your choices properly and carefully.

Crisp Classic White Disposable Dinnerware

Plain White as the Most Stylish and Glamorous Form of Event - Smarty's White Wedding Collection