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Rely on the unparalleled quality of Smarty's Plastic Serving Flatware Collection for an event that's memorable and distinguished by its elegance and reliability. Elevate your serving game with flatware that transcends the ordinary, making every touch, every slice, and every scoop a seamless experience.

When hosting an event, the details matter, and the serving flatware you choose can make a lasting impression on your guests. Smarty's Party understands this, offering a range of serving tools that are not just reliable...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is disposable plastic serving flatware up for the task? 

Absolutely! Choose both functional and beautiful serving tools from traditional retailers. There is no compromise—just practicality and delightful design for all your serving needs.

Will disposable serving supplies look professional?

Absolutely! Our serving flatware combines a professional look and feel, ensuring your event showcases the style and presentation you and your guests deserve.

How do I calculate the amount of serving ware required for my event?

If you are worried about drops and falls from your serving ware, you don't need to be. However, no one will want floor tongs back into the buffet line. So, go for two sets of flatware for each dish and watch just how impressive your first set performs in loading and handling.

What are some tips for dressing up my buffet tables?

If you want to decorate your buffet tables in a tasteful and practical manner that fits within your budget, it's important to take a focused approach. Opt for a simple yet attractive straight design that offers convenient access to the food. Ultimately, the way your guests perceive the setup will be the key factor.

Reliable and Dependable Plastic Serving Flatware

Elegant, Durable & Disposable Plastic Smarty's Party Serving Flatware for All Your Serving Needs