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8 oz. Crystal Cut Plastic Wine Glasses

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No matter your party theme, we’ll make sure the celebration doesn’t run dry. Wine equals luxury - which is why it's such a special part of any important occasion, including:

          • Anniversaries

          • Birthday parties

          • Bridal bashes

          • Holiday parties

          • Wedding...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy plastic wine glasses in bulk?

When it comes to quality, Smarty Had A Party has quite a selection of plastic drinking glasses. Whether it’s a grand celebration like a milestone anniversary or an intimate dinner of a small circle of friends, we have glassware in various styles to fit any event. Be sure to check out other complementary products like elegant disposable plates and disposable plastic bowls as well for your next event.

What are the best plastic wine glasses?

The best plastic wine glasses will depend on the event. For example, a crystal-cut disposable wine glass would be great for a more formal event like a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. For a summer luau, we would recommend going with stemless wine glasses. Our glasses are made from durable plastic, ensuring they support your event needs. Depending on your gathering, we have disposable wine glasses for any occasion.

How do I decorate disposable wine glasses?

Start your decoration with a base design or brainstorming a brand new concept for inspiration. Select your decorations from materials like paint, vinyl, or glitter. Then, prepare the plastic wine glasses by cleaning them with washing them with soap and water, followed by rubbing alcohol before drying things off with a cotton wipe. Prep your decorations and designs for placement on the glass. Once decorated, you can then use glitter for a more elevated look. Once everything is dry, you have your personalized wine glasses. These can make a great gift to yourself, family, or friends!

Are plastic wine glasses disposable?

Yes, by buying our plastic wine glasses, you can take advantage of easy disposal. In addition, many of our offerings are recyclable to help you be conscious of your carbon footprint when hosting an event. Disposable doesn’t mean flimsy, though. Many of our offerings are shatter-proof, making this material ideal for busy events.