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Whether you organize a glamorous wedding reception, baby shower, engagement ceremony, or any other type of celebration, how you raise a glass for a toast will determine how much enjoyment guests will get. When it comes to raising a toast and expressing love, you need the most beautiful champagne flute in your hand to do it with style and flourish, right? This is going to be just the spot to find it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will disposable champagne flutes look cheap?

No! While a lot of the low-end plastic flutes will look cheap to the eye, our high-quality and carefully designed champagne flutes will look and feel like glass but have the bonus of being as durable and as reliable as plastic! These will be the sophisticated choice for those that want nothing but the best!

Will these champagne flutes shatter during toasts?

Unlike crystal or glass, these flutes will survive toast after toast, even with those that get a little bit enthusiastic as the event wears on! This is also great for those that want to bring the children into the toasts, as many events will suffer losses in cost when it comes to them trying hard to toast their glasses and shattering them.

Should I choose stemmed or stemless flutes?

This is going to come down to professional preference. Many enjoy the idea of going with the stemmed options for those who want to dress up their tablescape. Others love the modern and sleek appeal of the stemless choices for buffet tables. It's all about creating just the effect that you're going for. Pick what you think will best match your event's impact and aesthetic.

How do I clean my champagne flutes?

The best thing about these flutes is to rinse them out and toss them into the recycling bin! You don't need to get out your sensitive cloth or sponge -- just throw it and get back to your event! This is recommended for those with long guest lists who have chosen to DIY their celebration!

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