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5 oz. Clear Plastic Champagne Flutes

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8 oz. Crystal Cut Plastic Wine Glasses

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6 oz. Clear Plastic Martini Glasses

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7 oz. Clear Round Disposable Plastic Wine Goblets
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Creating the perfect atmosphere at your event begins with carefully considering your selected barware. Whether you're hosting a cocktail-themed soirée, an elegant champagne affair, or a casual gathering with loved ones, choosing drinkware is crucial to ensuring your guests have a memorable experience. At Smarty Had A Party, we offer a wide array of disposable cups and drinkware glasses that cater to every event's unique needs and themes.

Our stemless and stemmed plastic wine glasses are an...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is disposable barware a suitable choice for my bachelor or bachelorette party?

Absolutely! These disposable barware items are a fantastic idea for your party. They exude the elegance and charm of classic glassware while being made of durable, professionally designed plastic. This means you can party without worrying about anyone getting too tipsy and accidentally shattering a glass!

Can I use disposable barware for both bar events and tablescapes?

Certainly! These disposable options work wonderfully for bar-themed events where a physical bar setup is present. They also shine when used in traditional tablescapes, where each element is meticulously arranged at every place setting. These versatile choices are perfect for any event seeking to elevate its sophistication without the risk of breakage or chipping.

Which is the better choice: stemmed or stemless barware?

It depends on your event's style and atmosphere. Stemmed disposable wine glasses are ideal for creating a traditional ambiance. However, consider pedestal wine glasses if you're going for a nightcap or an event where the drink's presentation matters. On the other hand, stemless barware offers a modern touch and can double as classic tumblers for serving beverages during your meal.

What are some creative ways to use disposable barware?

If you enjoy the appearance and texture of your barware but are curious about other ways to incorporate it into the overall atmosphere of your gathering, consider using the shot glasses as toothpick holders. As for the wine glasses, they can be utilized to hold various snacks, sweets, or mints. The sleek black wine glasses, specifically, are perfect for displaying striped candies and other treats.
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