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Making a good choice for dinnerware means focusing on quality, the integrity of the dinnerware, and overall comfort. When you need to do a little bit of everything, focus on Smarty's eco-friendly line to help you explore the most important features altogether.

Making responsible choices starts with understanding what makes these ones so responsible. The first benefit is that they are made from a lightweight palm leaf collected by hand from naturally fallen leaves. Next, they are pressed...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes these plates and flatware eco-friendly?

Both the plates and flatware in all these options are eco-friendly because they prioritize using renewable materials in their design, and they also rely on having a second life regarding what to do with them after your event. It's an excellent idea for those that want to focus on those dinnerware staples that just do more.

Will eco-friendly plates and flatware add texture to my tablescape?

These collections will undoubtedly add texture to your table, which is often one of the best parks to go with them. In addition, they will give your design a rustic effect, which will be a fantastic way to show your celebration the extra little decorative appeal you're going for.

What do I do with palm leaf plates when I'm done with them?

When you're done, you'll just rinse them off and throw them in your compost bin! They're great for when you need some extra food for your soil for next season, and it saves a large bag of garbage from building up when you are looking for ways to minimize mess and stress. Your guests will even enjoy throwing them into the compost bin themselves!

Is the square palm leaf dinnerware collection as durable as Smarty's plastic dinnerware?

Every part of this collection is as strong as the plastic options you've used in the past from Smarty. It's just a unique take on the design so that you can stay eco-friendly and still enjoy the concept of having dinnerware and flatware for your event that you can trust. All you have to do is figure out what you want and need that to look like in your other table details to make the right choice.

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