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When you need eco-friendly dinnerware that is powerful, lightweight, and unique, this collection is ready to show you a good time. Since we understand that you aren't looking for too many complicated changes all at once, this fabulous palm leaf dinnerware will be the classic round shape you're looking for, and in the standard sizes you need.

It looks exactly like you're used to seeing, but it's got a unique design regarding the materials used to produce...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are disposable palm leaf plates going to leak?

Palm leaf plates are leak-free and dependable when hunting for durable plates that can offer up that decadent appeal that comes from enjoying top-quality options for your dinnerware choices.

Can I reuse eco-friendly palm leaf plates?

Palm Leaf plates can be reused, but you must be mindful of how you use them. Since they are designed to biodegrade, the plates will break down naturally after use. If you have spares or you've used the plates for dry foods, you can certainly reuse them. But those with liquid foods or having been rinsed should be simply thrown into the compost heap.

Should I get matching birch flatware?

It'll be a great thought to get compostable flatware to go along with your eco-friendly dinnerware, but it is a personal preference. The natural flare will be as durable as the plastic and will be a unique way to enjoy a totally eco-friendly table setting. The only thing left is to make proper use of it.

Are disposable palm leaf plates lighter than classic Smarty's plastic plates?

Yes, you'll find that a value set or a stack of these plates will be lighter than the classic plastic ones. This is because one is made from plastic, whereas the other is made from leaf content. The leaf content will obviously weigh less and will be lighter. However, they will still be as powerful in their holding capacity as disposable plastic plates, so fear not!

Disposable Round Palm Leaf Dinnerware

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