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When you're ready to serve cake, there's often that extra bit of attention and interest from your guests, right? Of course, there is. But, you'll be able to keep it there and impress them in more ways than one if you think carefully about how you want to approach your choice of dinnerware.

When you're looking at simplicity, one of the best details to focus on is the material. These eco-friendly plates keep it as simple as...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major selling points of palm leaf cake plates?

The main selling point is that they are lightweight, smooth to the touch, and have no chemical binders. In addition, they are safe, reliable, sturdy, and perfect for enjoying a little something extra when it comes to dinnerware that does more. This is great for its eco-friendly elements but also for those who are sensitive to intolerances or allergies to chemical products.

Are palm leaf cake plates really all-natural?

Yes! They are made from naturally fallen palm leaves that are collected and molded by hand using no chemical processing or binding agents. They are all-natural and designed for food safety, as well as their ability to take on a second life in your compost bin. Great for those who want to help provide their garden with more fuel.

Are eco-friendly dessert supplies worth the cost?

While budget is obviously essential to consider, eco-friendly dessert supplies will be worth it when you want to blend professional appeal with reducing single-use supplies. You won't need to worry about mountains of dishes, but you'll still avoid adding to the landfills!

How do I choose between square or round cake plates?

To help create a uniform look and feel, choose the plate that will be the same as your main course and/or appetizer course. If you have all-round or all-square, match them. However, the choice of shape also depends on what you're serving. The cake presents well in either shape. Soupy desserts will prefer the raised edges of the square. Round plates will look more classic. It just depends on what you're going for!

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