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Small eco-friendly changes make us aware of our footprint on the dwindling resources of our Earth. The feeling of happiness and satisfaction that a collection of eco-friendly plates provides is an indescribable motivation to strive even more and harmonize our life with the laws of nature. But that doesn't mean you must compromise your love of fancy and disposable party supplies. You just need to know where to shop to find everything you're looking for when you want to enjoy...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are eco-friendly plates really more economical?

Yes! While many find that the slightly higher price will make them a poorer investment, this is not the case. In reality, they are taking on two uses in one, not to mention that you can also use them as a discussion point at your event for extra appeal with your guests.

Will palm leaf plates be the way of the future?

Smarty indeed plans on it, offering more and more eco-friendly choices in every avenue of disposable party supplies. When hosts and guests see that they can still enjoy the convenience of disposable supplies but do their part to choose better options for the world around them, it gets better and easier to make smarter choices.

Will my plates leak?

No! While they do not mean using binders or chemicals, rest assured that these palm leaf plates will be durable and made to survive leaks, rips, and holes. You can use these with heavy and liquid-rich dishes. They will simply hold up to; however you want to use them, so you'll be able to enjoy the sheer potential of what good quality plates can offer!

Can I use palm leaf for my main course?

Yes! While you will find that that can offer a significant perk as an appetizer or dessert plate, there's no reason you have to skip the main course when you're looking specifically at making more responsible choices. It will be fantastic if you want to enjoy the idea of fitting our every course with eco-friendly plates.

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