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Owl Party Favor Bags


Owl party favor bags! I saw these cuties on Pinterest and first thought, "I have everything I need to make these," and second thought, "these would make a great DIY," and third thought, "I almost wish I had a younger daughter so I could make these for her birthday party...almost." Give these away at your next kiddo's birthday party and all the parents will be wondering "hoo" in your house is so crafty. owl-favor-party-bags-materials Materials:
  • Brown paper lunch sacks
  • Mini paper doilies
  • Feathers
  • Construction paper (3 colors)
  • Anything circular that you can trace around, 2 shapes, approximately 3.5" and 3" diameter
party-favor-bags-owl-step-one Step 1: First, tape (or glue, whatever your preferred method of attachment) the paper doily to the front of your brown paper lunch sack and, stuff your bag with all the goodies that you're giving away as favors. Fold down (this is kind of awkward since it's full of stuff, but stick with it) the top two corners into a triangle and tape them together. party-favor-bags-owls-step-two Step 2: Next you want to cut out all of your owly eyes. If you have a small round craft punch, you can use that for the pupils (the smallest circles). The two larger circles should be roughly 3 1/2 inches and 3 inches in diameter. I used a small mason jar lid and the top of a Starbucks Frappuccino cup to trace my circles. Attach the two largest circles together, each a little closer to the middle as shown below. You can also add the feathers at this time. I also used tape for those. Leave the pupils off until the very end - the last thing you want is an accidentally cross-eyed owl. owl-favor-bags-step-three Step 3: Attach the unfinished eyes to the bag just under the triangle at the top - mine slightly overlapped each other in the middle. favor-bags-owl-step-four Step 4: Almost done! Fold down the top triangle flap and tape it shut. owl-party-favor-bags-step-five Step 5: Attach the owl pupils and you're all done. You can also add a small diamond or triangle piece to the tip of the triangle in the center for a beak if you'd like but I thought they looked pretty cute without it. So, "hoo" is going to try this out for their next birthday party? Perhaps a Harry Potter themed one? For more kid party ideas, check out our boys, girls, and coed kid party boards on Pinterest. Party on, Smarties! Ashley

Fantastic Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation is around the corner! What are you doing to celebrate your special high school or college graduate's adventure into the next chapter of their lives? I've got a few VERY CUTE DIY ideas for you in today's blog post! *WARNING*: Not for the craftily-challenged. If you're more apt to cut yourself with the craft scissors than the paper you set out to cut in the first place, stop reading now. If you finish your exacto-knife, precision-cut paper sculpture replica of Hogwarts and think to yourself, "Nailed it," - read on. graduation-party-event-centerpiece-senior-picture What to do with all of those leftover senior portrait prints when you've already given them to every family member, including cousins twice removed and your dentist who met your daughter once, when she was five? Cut them out and use them in the centerpieces for her graduation party. Pear Salad gives you their take on a glam graduation party fit for a teen princess complete with celebratory centerpiece vases. graduation-party-event-photo-display No graduation party would be complete without a photo wall display of embarrassing pictures documenting every inch of awkward childhood moments (your child naked in the bathtub at age three, the after-dinner spaghetti sauce clown mouth, the time when the cousins dressed your son up in an Easter dress and high heels, or that picture from Christmas circa 1995 of him wearing a homemade Batman costume in front of the Christmas tree). The uber-crafty mom can find a more creative way to display the wall of shame - like on a dress form, as in Silverbox Creative Studio's Garden Style Graduation Celebration. graduation-party-card-box-hot-air-balloon Looking for a little more uplifting grad party theme? How about a hot air balloon card box? A Heart Full of Love gives you a step-by-step for creating this DIY masterpiece. graduation-party-event-owl-congratulations-cardA wise decision for the crafy gal might be to take all of that leftover scrapbooking paper you've got hiding in storage and create a cute DIY owl card to congratulate your kiddo. This one from reminds me of Mr. Owl from the Tootsie Pop commercials. graduation-party-event-keys-to-success-welcome-table For a more refined fete, you may consider this "Keys to Success" themed party shoot from Celebrations at Home. I fell head-over-heels for all of the details and I especially loved the keys hanging from the mirror with inspirational words. Maybe it's because it's inspired by my favorite store, Anthropologie, or it could simply be because it's the colors of my Alma Mater (University of Missouri), but either way - I LOVE IT. graduation-gift-money-ideaOf course, the most important part of any graduation is the gift - preferably in monetary form. But giving money in a card can be so... BORING. I love all the creative ideas listed at Happy Home Fairy, but my favorite was the "In case of emergency, break glass" because it's so clever, so easy, and so funny! Recommended Products:
glass-cylinder-vase-party-centerpiece gold-taffeta-crinkle-tablecloth small-contenporary-wire-stem-vases
Glass Cylinder 60 x 102 Gold Linen Taffeta Crinkle Tablecloth Small contemporary Wire Stem Vases
For more graduation fun, follow our Milestone Celebrations board on Pinterest. Party on, Smarties! Ashley

Three Looks For Square Silver Plates


Brand spanking new this week at are our square silver plastic dinner plates in three sizes (10.75", 9.5", and 6.5")! In this week's blog post, we're going to show how to add a little flair to your square by mixing in whimsical colors and shapes with clean straight lines for three place setting designs you'll love. Setting Option #1:
Mouse over the picture for links to the products we used.
I like to call this little diddy the criss-cross (not to be confused with the artist formerly known as P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs or Kris Kross - while we occasionally may wear our clothes backwards in the office, we'd never dream of doing such things to our dinnerware). We start off with our 10.75" White Square Plastic Dinner Plate wrapped horizontally with a folded Orange Polyester Cloth Dinner Napkin. Simply tuck the ends under the edge of the plate for a cleanly wrapped appearance.* Next, we wrap the 9.5" Square Silver Plastic Dinner Plate with a folded Fuchsia Polyester Cloth dinner napkin and stack it on top of the white plate with the napkin at a 90 degree angle, forming a cross of color. Finish it off with a 5.5" Renaissance White Plastic Saucer, a Smarty Serving Fork and a 4.2" Reflections Mini Spoon. *Smart Tip: Iron your folded napkins before wrapping for easier management. Starching is also a possibility - just remember to use a lower heat setting for synthetic fabrics. Setting Option #2:
Mouse over the picture for links to the products we used.
For an elegant ebony look, we move on to our second style option (cue Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney). Use the 10.75" Square Black Plastic Dinner Plate as your base layer. Wrap it horizontally with a silver ribbon of your choice - we suggest taping the ribbon together, not directly to the plate, so that it will easily slide off when it's time to nosh. Layer a 6.5" Square Silver Plastic Pastry Plate over that and finish it off with a well-folded Black Satin Dinner Napkin in an Elegant White Pearls Napkin Ring. Don't forget your Baroque Flatware. Setting Option #3:
Mouse over the picture for links to the products we used.
For the grand finale, we're throwing in a little spring fling! Begin with a 10.75" Square Silver Plastic Dinner Plate base stacked below a 7.5" Renaissance White Plastic Salad Plate vertically wrapped with a folded Yellow Polyester Cloth Dinner Napkin*. The cherry on top is the Baroque White Plastic Cake Saucer, which reminds me of spring flowers, and our Reflections Flatware Value Set. *See napkin folding tip from setting option #1. Party on, Smarties! Ashley

New Blogger on the Block


Greetings Smarty readers! You may have noticed a new blogger on the block around here lately and I thought I should give you all a proper introduction. My name is Ashley and I'm the latest contributor at Smarty Had A Party. I'll be serving up the newest party trends, recipes and DIY ideas for your enjoyment. I won't lie - I have a flair for the wacky, unique and downright silly. I fit in well here at Smarty. I love animals, Foo Fighters, and being creative. If I were a super villain my theme song would be No Leaf Clover. My weekends usually consist of gardening and tackling a good DIY challenge, which means I'm addicted to Pinterest. My step-kids tell me that Thrift Shop by Macklemore was written about my Goodwill fetish. When I'm not crafting clever quips for Smarty's blogs and social media outlets, I spend my time volunteering for Gateway Pet Guardians, a local animal rescue here in St. Louis. In addition to DIY home decor, I'm also an avid cooker/baker so look for lots of Smarty blogs involving my own kitchen creations. If there's any topics you guys want to hear about, let us know! We love feedback at Smarty - so much so, we have a feedback box on our homepage. Let us know how awesome you think we are (because you know we think YOU'RE awesome)! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="130"]ashley2 Look! It's me![/caption] Party on Smarties, Ashley

Off to the Races - DIY Derby Idea


The fastest two minutes in sports is happening this Saturday! Since the Kentucky Derby itself is so short, you'll want to extend the celebration as long as possible and we've got the decorative inspiration for the occasion. kentucky-derby-party-ribbon-centerpiece This is the starting line of our DIY Derby ideas. Melissa at Polka Dot Chair lines out a tutorial for creating winner's ribbons out of craft paper. These crafty and colorful designs are customizable based on what you've got handy. I love the toy horse attached to the middle - I'd call it a "Smart" touch. kentucky-derby-party-decoration While we're on the subject of ribbons, here's an adorable idea for chair sashes - strips of burlap tied around the top of wooden chairs and fastened with fringy pink winners ribbons. The Hostess with the Mostess photo gallery will never let you down when it comes to inspired party decorations. kentucky-derby-party-dessert-table Hats off - er, on - to MJ Paperie for this sunny derby dessert table. That floppy had topper on the cupcake stand is a fashionable finishing touch. The only thing that would make it sweeter is if it, too, were edible. kentucky-derby-party-DIY-hat Last but not least, no southern fashionista would bee caught dead at the derby without a large hat! Painting Lilies gives us a tutorial for creating a your own derby hat that will make a royal wedding attendee jealous. Recommended Products:
Mini-Cups-Spoons-and-Tray 4-Tier-Stacked-Dessert-Tower 2-oz-Slanted-Mini-Plastic-Flute-Cups
Mini Cups, Spoons & Tray 4 Tier Stacked Dessert Tower 2.5 oz Slanted Mini Plastic Flute Cups
As always, we have a fabulous lineup of complimentary dishes for you to view in this week's recipe blog post for delicious derby day delights. Party on, Smarties! Ashley