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When serving cake or dessert at your event, choosing the suitable lifter or cutter is crucial. The perfect choice should make you feel confident and at your best. Our curated selection of professional cake cutters and lifters is here to assist you in finding the ideal tool for your celebration.

Whether you're slicing a wedding cake or serving delectable brownies, the server you use should embody elegance, be lightweight, and withstand the demands of your entire event. At Smarty Had...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are plastic cake lifters suitable for soupy desserts? 

Certainly! Smarty's plastic cake cutters and lifters are robust and dependable, even when dealing with dense and soupy desserts. Whether cheesecakes, lava cakes, or other gooey delights, you can trust our cake lifters to be both durable and lightweight, offering superior performance compared to anything you've used before.

Do disposable cake cutters come across as tacky? 

Yes, if you opt for low-quality, budget-friendly cutters. However, we exclusively offer high-end, elegant, disposable dinnerware and servingware options at Smarty. Every selection in our lineup exudes premium quality and sophistication despite being crafted from plastic. Think of it as an affordable alternative to elevate your partyware!

Should I coordinate my serving ware with my flatware? 

In most cases, matching your flatware and serving ware is a wise choice, such as pairing gold with gold and silver with silver. However, you can also experiment by combining one with the other while introducing eco-friendly birchwood as a versatile second element. The neutral woodgrain complements both and allows you to explore creative alternatives seamlessly.

Are serrated cake cutters superior to straight ones? 

Serrated cake cutters excel at achieving even slices without toppling over the cake. However, if you're working with a delicate layer cake, it's advisable to consult with a specialist who can recommend the best cake cutter for your specific needs. After all, they are the experts in this domain!