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Putting your meal together starts with good food, but how will your guests enjoy that delicious food if they don't have the means to actually eat it? Having premium quality disposable cutlery will be very important in helping each guest engage with your meal as you intended.

Here you'll find a selection of delicate, elegant, and modern flatware! Every option on this page is top quality...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best value for my money for cutlery?

If you want your best quality, go for the value sets that focus on the larger quantities you need. Sure, they might be a little larger than you want, but it'll mean that you can have leftover pieces for the next special event!

Should I match my cutlery with my tablescape?

We usually recommend that you match some form of your tablescape to your cutlery. For instance, don't clash silver accents with gold flatware. However, don't be afraid to go for something bold like the birch wood or red metallic cutlery, either! It'll be an amazing feature that will make just the impression you were hoping for.

What makes Smarty's cutlery better than other disposable options?

Firstly, Smarty Had a Party offers impressive versatility and customization so that every shopper can find a wide selection of offers. Secondly, the cutlery is made to last. Every tine on the fork will make it to the last bite and beyond.

How do I calculate how much cutlery I need per person?

When choosing the numbers, you'll want to think about your meals. Are they fork-required meals or spoon-required? Whichever it is, get double. There are multiple courses, and most guests will expect a clean utensil each time

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