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Clear Disposable Plastic Large Serving Ladles

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Serving your guests their food will be an essential part of a buffet-style event. That means that the serving utensils you choose will determine how successful your event is! If you are hunting for a way to make sure that you are always giving your guests the best experience, you’ll want to focus on the serving ware as much as the plates and table settings. So often, these get overlooked, but they’re an important part of making sure...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use plastic ladles for hot and cold liquids?

Yes, you can safely use these ladles for hot and cold liquids. The plastic is top quality and won’t chip, crack, or snap when you use these ladles for soup, gravy, sauce, and more. They’re designed to be as helpful as a classic heat-safe ladle would be.

Can I use plastic ladles for punch?

Yes! These ladles are great for punch because they will hang carefully over the bowl and offer up a long handle and large bowl that is just right for pouring into cups! This is wonderful for those that love the idea of having a dependable ladle just for the punch since it saves people from dipping their own cups in!

Why should I use a disposable ladle?

From one event to the next, the last thing that you want to worry about is the dishes! A sticky, messy, overused ladle -- no matter how well it works -- isn’t going to be worth your time to clean at the end of it all. So, instead of subjecting yourself to an excessive amount of dishes, focus on the idea of enjoying a remarkable event that ends with you disposing of the ladle without a second thought!

Can plastic ladles hold up to use with a lot of guests?

These ladles are carefully tested and perfected to ensure that each event is going to be a success without anyone worrying about broken ladles on the serving table and inevitably creating chaos in a busy buffet line! These ladles have got all of your needs covered and then some!

Disposable and Dependable Plastic Serving Ladles

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