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We have to admit that extravagance has never tasted better. With this, for sure, most interesting Smarty's collection of disposable plastic plates and value sets, the whole dining experience gets a new dimension of exclusivity.

Beautiful shades of white, black, gold, and silver combine to create a stunning marble look that will display your sense of style to full effect, especially at those spotlight moments in your life that calls for an extra dose of class and elegance...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes marble dinnerware so impressive?

The marble dinnerware effect will be timeless and reminiscent of classic marble. Since this is often associated with royalty and posh people, this is a great way to really enjoy something so classy you'll want a red carpet!

Can I use marble dinnerware for informal events?

Definitely! These will be just as magical and timeless for a casual family get-together as for a dressed-up, black-tie event. It's perfect for those who want to enjoy something that will really help you see just how decadent events can be!

How do I choose which version of marble will be just right?

It's hard to choose with so many marble options, right? If you need some support in choosing, take the time to look through all these and admire them for what they can offer. The two-toned marbles are marvelous. The subtle gold gilding is also a nice touch. However, it will most likely be a decision based on your color scheme and your tablescape!

Are plastic marble plates safe for flatware use?

Yes, all of Smarty's plates will hold up to use with flatware, be it plastic flatware or metal flatware. So if you want to enjoy flatware freely, these plates will be the suitable base.

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