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There's no bad way to add pattern and color to your table settings, but there will be ways that will be harder compared to others! So, for ease and professionalism, why not go with a kind of dinnerware that has stood the test of time in terms of actual time? Introducing this fun collection!

A Mosaic is a particular design with a unique and long history. With its roots back in the third millennium BC, through ancient Greece...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the colors of mosaic plates show up with my other tablescape perks?

If you already have some tablescape details set, don't fear! These aren't going to take away from what you already have going. Instead, you'll just find that they'll help you enjoy a subtle color that will give each place setting a little pop of personality! Perfect for those situations where you need that extra little something.

Can I use other metallic touches with mosaic-themed plates in my settings?

Yes, you can use other metallic touches with these fun mosaic plates! Just match your metals for an authentic, professional appeal. You'll want to pick subtle hints in other parents of your dinnerware to ensure that your plate still gets a chance to sparkle in the light. If you aren't sure what to do with the rose gold ones, specifically, allow those to be the only metallic touches so that you can enjoy them entirely! They have a warmth to them that is a great choice, too.

Are mosaic-themed plates suitable for family get-togethers and casual events?

Yes! There is never a bad place for this set of timeless and dressy mosaic dinnerware collections. You'll be able to enjoy them for casual events, formal events, and everything in between. In addition, they'll be perfect for when you are hunting for a way to joy color, sparkle, glam, and sophistication, all in the same kind of design!

Why are Smarty's disposable dinnerware options priced so cheap?

We believe you should be able to put your budget to work on the things that matter most to your event. While dinnerware will be necessary, it's certainly not the most important thing. So, we've priced our collections to be right in the middle so that you can explore other options for your hard-earned budget!

Gilded Geometric Mosaic Plastic Dinnerware

Beautiful Disposable Plastic Plates and Dinnerware to Take Your Event To The Ancient Times - Smarty's Mosaic Collection