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At least once in a lifetime, every one of us wishes to feel like royalty. There is no other perfect occasion to have this feeling than a wedding. A plain white flawless dress with a long veil, a bouquet of perfectly picked flowers, and a stylish and glamorous suit with a neatly placed bow tie. All of this needs a perfect decoration and, therefore, a perfect table setting. What is more perfect and number one in this situation than the...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are plastic royal plates still disposable?

While the gilding and crisp white certainly look decadent, you'll still be relieved to learn that these collections will be entirely disposable so that you can enjoy these however you want to and then simply throw them into the recycling when you're done with them.

Will disposable royal plates stain with sauces and syrups?

While the white is very strong, you'll be relieved to know that the success and other colored liquids won't stain these. If you are planning on reusing these, however, we recommend rinsing them soon after use with colored sauces just to help keep the glossy effect as strong as possible.

How should I match my flatware to disposable royal dinnerware?

If you want a decadent effect, you'll want to match the plastic flatware with the gilding. You can go with silver flatware with silver gilding and gold flatware with gold gilding. You can also choose to go white or transparent if you want to shake it up a bit.

Will crystal glasses look good with a royal dinnerware design?

Crystal glasses will look stunning with this design for sure! If you want to give the final effect of a themed royal table, dress it up with faceted crystal glasses and enjoy the overall effect of these blissful and modern designs together! For extra convenience, skip the real crystal and go with the plastic yet realistic Smarty crystal tumblers and champagne glasses. They'll be as impressive as you want, with modern convenience thrown in!

Decadent Disposable Royal-Themed Dinnerware

Eat Like Royalty And Take Your Party to the Next Level With Decadent Royal Dinnerware Collection