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White Square Plastic Wedding Value Set

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When decorating your table for your event, you want to save your budget for those things that matter most. While we understand that dinnerware is essential, we also aim to give it to you at an affordable price. This is precisely why this collection of value sets is exactly what you want and need. Since everything is about elegance, why not blend that high-end theme with affordable dinnerware in one valuable set?

Smarty's exciting collection offers up exceptional...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these a better price than traditional Smarty's dinnerware?

These value sets are offered at a discounted rate because we believe you should be able to afford everything for your event without having to feel that you need to compromise on something to afford something else. So, our prices are lower to make that easier!

What are some tips for making a fancy table look its best?

If you want to really help your table look its absolute best, think about the simplicity of your theme. If you go with gilding, pick a different focus point than a pattern. Allow one area of your dinnerware to be the central point so that you can help your table look its absolute best!

Should I go with gold or silver gilding?

The choice is yours and based entirely on the appeal that you're going for. Silver gilding is classic and pairs well with white; for those that like colder themes, this is wonderful. If you want a warmer theme, you can enjoy gentle gold gilding with ivory or even white. This will give it a warmer hue. Again, focus on the appeal of the event that you are creating!

Can I add extra pieces to these sets?

If you need to add something extra to these sets, look at Smarty's other collections, like fancy plastic plates or disposable flatware collection, to see if you can find the matching accessories you're looking for. We take pride in the idea that our collections will be as versatile as possible to make mixing and matching easy for a good experience dressing up your table.

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