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There is nothing like a beautiful table setting to help your guests see how much effort you put into your layout. If you're looking for a way to ensure you get full points from that wow effect, you'll need to put a lot of attention into the plates you choose. What better place to start than the full-sized main course dinner plates?

From one event to the next, Smarty's dinner plates are going to show you just how...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go simple or fancy with my dinner plate choice?

This can feel like a hard decision, but it doesn't have to be! When you're ready to choose your plate, focus on the idea of your food and its presentation. Will a simple plate help really give your fancy filet mignon center stage? Or does your burger need some dolling up from a harmony rim?

How do I use color properly for my tablescape?

Allow your color to complement what is already there. For example, if you have burgundy in your tablescape, match it to your dinner plates. Likewise, if you have gold cutlery, bring it out with gold gilding on your dinner plates.

Are white dinner plates outdated?

White dinner plates with only slight ornamentation are indeed old and traditional. However, they are still around for a reason -- because they're awesome. So they will be excellent choices when you are looking for a way to enjoy exploring traditional tablescapes. But you can always add a pop of color where people least expect it -- like in a rimmed or patterned plate, or even in disposable cutlery!

Do I have to have my event catered to use fancy-grade dinner plates?

Absolutely not! It doesn't matter if your 2-year-old cooked your meal! You can use these fancy disposable plates to help dress up whatever food you want. They're going to be incredible choices, specifically when you want an opportunity to enjoy something just a little bit different!

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