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Crafting a captivating table setting is an art form that speaks volumes about the meticulous effort you invest in curating a memorable ambiance for your guests. Elevating your event to unparalleled sophistication requires a keen focus on every detail, none more so than the choice of dinner plates. The fulcrum of your culinary presentation, dinner plates play a pivotal role in achieving that coveted wow effect.

Enter Smarty, the purveyor of plastic dinner plates that transcends the ordinary, showcasing the...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I opt for simplicity or indulge in a touch of extravagance when selecting my dinner plates? 

Deciding between the two may initially seem daunting, but fret not, as the choice can be easily made. When you select your plate, center your decision around the nature of your culinary creations and their presentation. Does a straightforward design complement the regality of your filet mignon, allowing it to bask in the spotlight? Alternatively, might your burger benefit from a dash of sophistication with a plate adorned with a harmonious rim?

How do I use color properly for my tablescape?

Enhance the existing aesthetic by choosing colors that harmonize with existing elements. For instance, if a rich burgundy dominates your tablescape, synchronize it with your dinner plates. Similarly, if gold cutlery graces your setting, amplify its allure by incorporating dinner plates adorned with gold gilding.

Are white dinner plates outdated?

While plain white plates with minimal embellishments exude a sense of age-old tradition, they persist for good reason—they're timeless. Embrace their enduring charm when aiming for a classic tablescape. Yet, don't shy away from injecting a burst of unexpected color in subtle ways, such as through a rimmed or patterned plate or even with plastic bowls and disposable cutlery.

Do I have to have my event catered to use fancy-grade dinner plates?

Whether concocted by a culinary prodigy or a two-year-old chef, any meal can be elevated with fancy disposable plates. These plates transcend the conventional, offering an extraordinary touch to your dining experience. So, revel in the freedom to explore and introduce a hint of uniqueness to your event, regardless of its catering status.