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DIY Father's Day Inspiration

DIY Father's Day Inspiration | School's out for summer and Father's Day is right around the corner! Since the kids are off school and camps have yet to start, you may be looking for some activities to fill your days. Here is DIY Father's Day Inspiration that is great for event decor, art projects for the kids, and is sure to impress dad. The first DIY Father's Day project looks beautiful as a table centerpiece.DIY Father's Day Inspiration - Paper Airplane Centerpiece | What you need:


Step 1: Put tablecloth on the table.

Step 2: Place cube vase upside down in the center of the table.

Step 3: Put clear plastic cups on top of cube vase.

Step 4: Fold paper napkins into mini paper airplanes.

Step 5: Staple the mini paper airplanes to the top of the paper straws.

Step 6: Put straws in clear plastic cups and arrange.

Step 7: Scatter a few paper napkin airplanes around the centerpiece and tape a few to the edge of the cube vase.

Step 8: Voila! Is your "Pop" the best ever? Make a special favor for dad like this one:


What you need:


Step 1: Place a napkin down that matches your theme.

Step 2: Fill the clear plastic cups with dad's favorite popcorn.

Step 3: Tape printable onto the clear plastic cups.

Smarty Party Tip: To make dad's favor a little bit more personal, have your kids draw a picture or write a little note that fits the theme.

Example: Reasons why you are the best Pop ever: 1. You make me laugh... If your dad enjoys golf, plan a breakfast for him on the big day with these golf ball donut hole favors that are both cute and delicious.DIY Father's Day Inspiration Par-tee Favor | www.SmartyHadAParty.comWhat you need:


Step 1: Place emerald green napkins down.

Step 2: Put powdered sugar donut holes into plastic jar and place on green napkins.

Step 3: Write your dad's favorite golf hole number onto a piece of paper and cut it out in a triangle.

Step 4: Adhere the hole number to the pick.

Step 5: Stick pick into one of the top donut holes.

Step 6: Cut the "par-tee!" printable out and adhere to the plastic jar.

Step 7: Voila! If your dad enjoys fishing in his free time, the next Father's Day drink / centerpiece idea is perfect!DIY Father's Day Inspiration - Fishing Pole Straw in Drink | www.SmartyHadAParty.comWhat you need:


Step 1: Place cocktail napkins down.

Step 2: Cut napkin into little fish.

Step 3: Tape or glue the fish onto ribbon.

Step 4: Tie ribbon to straw.

Step 5: Put the fishing pole (straw) into the plastic jars. 


Smarty Party Tip: Pour your dad's favorite drink into the fishing pole DIY to make it cute and functional. Like all of the Father's Day DIY's? You can shop for all of them here! Party Seriously, Smarties! 

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DIY Father's Day Inspiration |
DIY Father's Day Inspiration - Paper Airplane Centerpiece |

Elegant Blue Wedding Inspiration

Augustus Elegant Blue Wedding Inspiration | Come sit down at this elegant blue wedding and stay for a while. Enjoying the royal treatment? Here's how you can recreate the royal ambiance and acquire wedding inspiration for your big day. What you need:

Start with a floor length white tablecloth. From there add a tablecloth that drops half way to the floor - we used a Royal Blue Pintuck 90" Round Tablecloth. To add a more formal look, cinch the 90" Pintuck Tablecloth with a chair pin so that the tablecloth has equidistant semi-circle shaped drapery around the entire table. For the centerpiece, we placed one crystal like cake stand upside down and stacked another crystal like cake stand right side up. We decorated the bottom tier with flowers. Smarty Party Tip: To add functionality, try putting hors d'oeuvres or little desserts on the bottom tier of the centerpiece. On the top tier of the centerpiece, we added candle holders, LED's, and crystal-like wine goblets. With just one click of the remote, the LED's will elegantly illuminate your wedding and set the aura for the evening. Blue and Silver Place Setting | For each place setting we used the silver beaded charger plates, blue and silver rimmed plates, and the silver secrets flatware. We folded the white polyester napkin into a fan fold. Royal blue ribbon was wrapped around the napkin to hold the fold in place and a diamond was glued to the ribbon on each place setting. The diamonds add a splash of silver to the napkin and embellish the table. Royal Blue Wedding Inspiration | Add beautiful crystal like glasses to the table and viola! If you’re in love with this style, shop our entire Augustus Tablescape Design! Party Seriously, Smarties! Jackie Styling: Teresa Dennis, Kenwin Jones, Jackie CarperSubscribe to our email newsletters here.

Bumble Bee Themed Party

3 Bee-utiful Napkin Ideas |

Summer is right around the corner and to celebrate a little bit early, we have some bright inspiration that is inexpensive, bee-utiful, and extremely versatile.

Here are some great napkin ideas to illuminate any event and, as an added bonus, free printables!


  1. Embellish party favors with paper napkins.


What you need:

Cut a sliver of the napkin and add it to your party favors - we used the Black Grandeur Paper Dinner Napkins. Carry out the theme by incorporating the same napkin in each place setting. From there, tie a black ribbon around the favor to finish it. Adding a printable to your favors makes them look professional and beautiful. 

Smarty Party Theme Idea: "Meant to Bee" is an adorable motif for a wedding. Decorate with yellowblack, and white and maybe even give your guests honey as a wedding favor.


    2. Wrap gifts or favors in a paper napkin.


What you need:

  • Paper napkins - we used black grandeur napkins
  • Ribbon - we used black wired edged organza ribbon
  • Free Printables

If you are planning on having a gift table at your next event, wrapping small presents in paper napkins and ribbon is a wonderful way to coordinate your gift table with your guest tables. If you are not having a gift table, you can wrap your favors in paper napkins instead.

Smarty Party Theme Idea: Having a gender reveal bash? A "What Will Baby Bee" themed reveal party is sure to awe your guests. Have someone put something pink or blue inside of your napkin wrapped box (maybe even some confetti?!) and open it in front of your guests for the big reveal.

3. Dress up your centerpieces with paper napkins.


What you need:

  • Vases for centerpieces - we used a glass cube vase
  • Napkins - we used black grandeur napkins
  • Ribbon - we used black satin edged organza ribbon
  • Free Printables

Fold and attach paper napkins to your centerpieces. Tie a matching bow around the centerpiece and add a printable for that WOW factor. 

Smarty Party Theme Idea: A "Queen Bee" theme is perfect for Mother's Day or a birthday party. Want matching partyware? Party Seriously, Smarties! 


DIY Paper Napkin Flowers

DIY Paper Napkin Flowers | Flowers are a must when it comes to spring and summer events, but the real deal can get pricey! In fact, for an average wedding, between $1,000 and $2,000 is spent on flowers for the ceremony alone. DIY paper napkin flowers are a great alternative that add color, dimension, and beauty to any event. The best part is that you save money. A package of 50 cocktail napkins costs a little less than $2. So there is great news: even if you plan to decorate with a bunch of paper napkin flowers, you are going to be spending much less than you would on fresh flowers! In addition to being affordable, paper flowers can be used in many different ways at your event. Paper flowers look great as decor on the back of chairs, on chair bands or chair sashes, as a table runner, wall art, on top of gifts, etc. The possibilities are endless! So now that you've decided how you want to use paper napkin flowers at your event, here is how to make them: Paper Napkin Flower Tutorial | After you have fluffed your paper flowers to your heart's desire, it's time to decorate! We wrapped our Mother's Day gifts with fun paper napkins and topped them off with ribbon and the paper flowers. We also sprinkled some flower napkins around the presents to add more color and festiveness. Decorate with Paper Napkin Flowers | But why stop there? Adding paper napkin flowers to each place setting at your event is a great way to incorporate an elegant, signature touch. The best part is that the paper flowers are beautiful and usable during your meal. If you’re swooning over this style, shop our Sea Glass Tablescape Design! Party Seriously, Smarties! Jackie Styling: Teresa Dennis, Kenwin Jones, Jackie Carper RSVP to the Smarty Party!

Beautiful Mother's Day Centerpiece

DIY Mothers Day Floral Centerpiece |

Are you looking for the perfect centerpiece to wow your mom on Mother's Day? This Mother's Day centerpiece has a good mix of modern and traditional elements that are both sure to win your mom's heart. The centerpiece also provides timeless elegance and makes for a great gift for the Mom to take home after the celebration.


What you will need:

    Learn how to impress your guests with these straight forward steps:

    Did you have another color scheme in mind? No problem! You can switch any and all elements in this centerpiece to fit your theme. Check out our DIY Rose Napkin Fold blog to see the same centerpiece using different colors and learn how to do a beautiful rose napkin fold! Party Seriously, Smarties!