Willy Wonka Inspired Party

Milena Kukurekovic

Good day smarties! Let's start with a question today. How many of you have watched the movie: ''Charlie and the chocolate factory''? Or Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory? After seeing the Oompa-Loompas, the chocolate rivers, and trees filled with candy, It'll be a lie if we say we didn't want to visit Mr. Wonka's chocolate factory, right?  

Now, we, of course, can't visit this chocolate factory, but we can be inspired by it. This Willy Wonka-inspired theme is definitely for the candy lovers out there! Throw a party like this for your kids, and you may just win mom or dad of the year!

This party takes some thought and planning time, but that process is half the fun! Let us give you some ideas you can use at your next themed party.

The Invitations

An invitation is the easiest way to identify the number of guests at your party. And for your Charlie and the chocolate factory-inspired party, what's a better invitation than the golden ticket? You can include the date, time, and place on the front. 

What to Give the Guests at the Beginning of the Party?

At the entrance, give your guests their Wonka vision goggles. You can use funny glasses for this. You can also make a DIY Willy Wonka hat and give it to your guests to wear at the party. 

Place Setting

Here are a few place setting ideas based on the movie characters Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, and Violet Beauregarde (don't worry, we can't pronounce some of these names either!): Note: For all characters use fun, colorful plates, and flatware.

We love using these Smarty plates for our table setting: 

Colored Plates Smarty Elegant Disposable Plastic Dinnerware

Tropical Pink Plates                             Square Red Plates


How to Create the Augustus Gloop Place Setting?

For those who need a reminder about Augustus, he was the first winner. Remember the fat kid who fell into the chocolate river? That's the character.

  1. Fill a bowl with chocolate pudding and place it on top of a plate
  2. Choose any thin chocolate bars or wafers, unwrap them, and put them in the bowl of pudding so that the ends stick out
  3. Cover the room on the plate around the bowl with unwrapped chocolates, such as Hershey's Kisses and Rolos
  4. Fill the glass next to this plate with chocolate milk

How to Create: Veruca Salt Place Setting?

Here's a little reminder about Veruca. She was the second winner. She was the rich, spoiled girl that got attacked by squirrels.

  1. Cover the plate with salt
  2. Place either a plastic gold egg or chocolate eggs in gold wrappers on top (this is inspired by the geese that laid golden eggs in the movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory)
  3. Fill a glass with milk to put on this plate.
  4. If you want, you can add a mini balance scale with a taped-on sign that says "Good/Bad."

How to Create: Violet Beauregarde Place Setting?

Violet was the third winner of the golden ticket. Remember the gum chewer who turned blue? That's Violet.

  1. Put a bowl of blueberries on the plate.
  2. Cover the area around the bowl with individually wrapped gum.
  3. Fill the glass next to this plate with multicolored mini gum balls.

Food and Sweets

You can serve cabbage soup and bread or butter and bread. This simple meal is inspired by the Bucket family. Do you remember the three-course gum? You can take inspiration from that and serve tomato soup, roast beef, and baked potatoes! And for dessert, you can serve ice cream. Remember the never melting and the hot ice cream for cold days? Yeah? Serving ice cream as dessert was inspired by those two. Or, if you like the blue color Violet turned, you can serve blueberry pies! 

You can have a chocolate fountain or a caramel fountain. And have marshmallows, fruits, and cookies to dip in it. These ideas are thanks to the Chocolate River and eatable marshmallow pillows! Of course, cotton candy and caramel can be served too. 


As for drink ideas, can you remember the fizzy lifting drinks Charlie and his grandpa drank? You can serve any fizzy drink with something extra, like edible glitter! Don't forget to make labels that read fizzy lifting drink and paste them on the bottles or glasses. Fizzy lemonade can be served as a drink too. How can we forget the chocolate river? So why not serve a chocolate milkshake inspired by it? 

Centerpiece Idea

How to Create a Willy Wonka Centerpieces?

  1. Place a white pedestal in the center of the table
  2. Put a clear plastic bowl packed with candy on top
  3. Hang a Willy Wonka colorful hat on one of the pedestal's corners

Some suggestions for the decoration:

  • Use icing to write the character's name on a chocolate bar, then put it on the corresponding plate.
  • Print pictures of Willy Wonka movie scenes and put them in colorful frames on the tables.
  • Scatter miscellaneous candies on each person's plate.
  • You can make a golden ticket and use it as a backdrop.
  • Don't forget to make a Wonka banner.  
  • You can make DIY Large lollipops, chocolate bars, cotton candy cones, candy trees, and candy canes. You can use paper plates, cardboard, and other items to make these decorations. 
  • If you are using balloons, try to use purple and gold to suit the theme. 

Party Favors

Make a candy-filled hat inspired by Willy Wonka's hat. You can also make a large toffee instead of a hat. You can fill the hat with sweets like nerds, gummy bears, caramel toffees, chewing gum, cotton candy, kisses, mini marshmallows, golden eggs, jelly, sour candy, and more. Since the party is filled with all tooth-rotting yummy sweets, you can give your guests a care pouch. You can fill in items they will use in their lives, such as mini soap, toothbrush, sanitizer, etc. 

A party like this deserves to be bragged about, so share your pics on the Smarty Had A Party Facebook page! Don't forget to share your suggestion too! 


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