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Introducing our exquisite collection: Fancy Party Hats & Caps! At Smarty Had A Party, we believe that every celebration deserves a touch of elegance and sophistication. That's why we've curated a stunning assortment of vintage, derby, cone, fire, and differently styled smarty party caps and hats that will elevate any occasion to new heights of glamour and style.

Step back in time with our vintage-inspired party hats. These beautifully crafted headpieces are reminiscent of a bygone era, exuding old-world charm...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the party hats and caps in this collection suitable for both adults and children?

Yes, our fancy party hats and caps collection includes a variety of sizes and styles suitable for both adults and children. We offer options for different head sizes and preferences, making them perfect for all age groups.

Are these hats disposable, or can they be reused for multiple events?

Most hats in this collection are intended for single use at events. However, some of our higher-quality options, such as specific vintage-inspired hats, may be suitable for reuse if handled carefully.

Are these party hats and caps suitable for specific themes or occasions, such as weddings or birthday parties?

Absolutely! Our collection includes various styles that can be adapted to different themes and occasions. Whether planning a wedding, birthday party, derby event, or any other celebration, you'll find options that fit your chosen theme.

How should I care for and store these party hats to ensure they stay in good condition until the event?

To maintain the quality of your party hats, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of them, as this can deform their shape. If they get dirty, gently wipe them with a clean, damp cloth. For disposable hats, it's best to keep them in their original packaging until you're ready to use them to prevent any damage.