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When you want to serve dessert with a flourish, you can't get any more relevant than with a modern and sophisticated bowl! Dessert bowls must be as impressive and as beautiful as the food you're putting in them, after all! From one choice to the next, every bowl that you see here is dedicated to helping you make your dessert look its best.

The plastic dinnerware that you choose for your jello, pudding, trifle, or other...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my plastic bowl to improve the look of my dessert?

First, you'll want to pick an accent point in the dessert itself. For example, if your dessert has gold, try a bowl with gilding. If you are serving a square-shaped dessert, pick a square-shaped bowl. This will create an intentional and beautiful look that is truly professional -- which it should be.

What are some tips for choosing a bowl size?

If you want to get the correct bowl size, focus on how the dessert looks within it. It should fill the bowl but not overflow it. It shouldn't be a tiny little dot in the bowl, though. For example, the smaller 4 oz bowls are great for cheesecake, whereas the larger 6 oz bowl is preferred for trifle or similar.

Can I use disposable bowls for ice cream?

Yes! These dependable and sturdy bowls are great for ice cream, and they will offer an excellent option when looking specifically for a bowl that won't disintegrate, buckle, chip, crack, or more. In addition, it's great for adults and children who enjoy loading ice cream with toppers!

Will my bowl survive a drop?

Yes, Smarty's bowls are adequately designed to hold up if they drop. However, carefully designed to withstand drops, we recommend checking your bowl for cracks! You will also want a new dessert since yours will be on the ground!

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