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These days, more people are looking for the best ways to find effective ways to support a clean environment while still enjoying disposable dinnerware. That's what Smarty's collection of disposable leaf dinnerware will offer! This stylish and high-end line is all about elegance that cleverly disguises its main purpose — eco-friendly and green living. These palm leaf plates are going to be your go-to choice when you see how they can prioritize both things in your high-end dinnerware search.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get in Smarty's value set of eco-friendly dinnerware?

Our matching set of dinnerware is going to offer full-sized dinner plates, matching appetizer plates or dessert plates, and cutlery that is going to be just as eco-friendly. So for those that want a great value and a matching set, this is your most economical option!

Should I match my dinner plates with my appetizer plates?

Typically, hosts will match plate types together. However, you don't necessarily have to! Creating a modern tablescape is all about thinking about what effect you most want to make. It'll help you enjoy something as matched or mismatched as possible. Try it both ways, and see which one appeals to you most! There's no wrong answer.

Are woodgrain dinnerware choices appropriate for classy and sophisticated events?

Yes, absolutely! While tradition may tell you that you must go with classic white or ivory, you don't! These fun dinner plates will offer ambiance, class, and elegance, even if they look alternative. In addition, you can use all eco-friendly palm leaf dinnerware or mix and match it for a pop of texture.

Do I need to rinse off my dinner plates before composting them?

You should rinse your dinner plates before composting them, yes! This will allow the plates to degrade faster and ensure that none of the food you served ends up in the compost! While food dregs are common, thick coatings can slow the composting process!

Modern and Biodegradable Leaf Dinnerware

Very Lovely and Stylish Palm Leaf Disposable Dinnerware for Your Eco-friendly Weddings and Events