The Smartiest Party Is Right Here!

Milena Kukurekovic

Smarty Had A Party!

All you have to look at when it comes to party is the name of the website. Smarty Had A Party and for sure knows what a party is and how to set it up. For years, our Smarties have had an amazing time, amazing nights, and great parties organized. Through the years Smarty had been supplying our Partiacs with fantastic dinnerware: beautiful plastic plates, stylish cutlery, perfect and elegant drinkware like shots, flutes and martini glasses

Organization and planning evolve too

People have been organizing parties, gatherings and celebrations since the dawn of time. And for this reason, the party supplies have evolved throughout the years. From drinks, dinnerware to decorations and similar. The more times become modern, and life flow really fast, the more people’s needs grow. It’s no more all about doing anything possible you can, and going through the greatest hustles just to make sure everything looks nice. There used to be a time when you couldn’t change this hustle for something easy and disposable, being too simple, non elegant, and without any sophistication. Luckily, those times have passed…

We have what you need

Smarty Pants evolves every single day. All of our designs, shapes, and sets are perfectly picked and created to make sure they fit any possible idea or a vision our Partiacs may have. So all of these collections, venetian, mosaic, royal and others have made our Smarties’ events stylish and unforgettable for years. Our dinnerware is high style and high class created to make your occasion one of a kind. So if you are planning any event and want it to be exactly like in your dreams, our plastic party and buffet plates, disposable bowls, wine goblets, champagne flutes, napkins, table and chair covers, will, no doubt, shine brightest and have a greatest glow, raising the attention for you to enter, toast, and have the time of your life.

We are extremely honored and happy about the fact that our work had been validated so many times, and each day we receive the amazing amount of great critics from Smarties all over the country. This is one amazingly huge group of people who have experienced the convenience of having the most stylish, and perfect events held, with a fabulous tableware and never have had to worry even for a moment of all the drama that goes after. Within this blog post we would like to thank everyone for the love and trust you gave us, and will do our very best to keep up with any of your needs and ideas, in order to maintain your number one choice when it comes to the time for you to celebrate. And for those who are still to become one of the Smarty’s Partiacs and join this creative, friendly and classy world we are happy to see you with us and ready to take your event to the next level. Feel free to check out our testimonials page.

Celebrations are the moments of the greatest happiness in our lives. Those moments and times are the most precious and therefore a responsibility of a creator, organizer, a planner and a supplier are huge. So Smarty Pants spends years, and endless time in creation of a new, exciting and modern patterns, textures, designs and new ways for you to enjoy your occasions the proper way. Stay tuned to our page and see what else is waiting for you here and we are sure you will have the most amazing experience yet because…

Smarty Had A Party, and our most important party is yours!

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