Don't Be Afraid To Use Color

Milena Kukurekovic

Your Perfect Day

A very good thing about the human kind is that we celebrate many things and many times in a lifetime: birthdays, New Years, showers, work promotions… However, the one occasion, which we spend most of our time and concentration on, is the wedding. For millenniums weddings have been a ritual of promising the endless love between each other but during the previous century weddings have become  huge celebrations which include many people from the areas of family, friends, co-workers and others who are going to be on the spot to have a good time, toast to the happy couple, but also, comment on everything they may see at the venue. And we all enjoy a good critic...

Plain white celebration

Weddings are one among the biggest industries in the world nowadays and, if nothing else, their organization gives a lot of options.

Mostly, ceremonies and receptions of these are being set up in a pattern. Everything is concentrated around, and created considering a single thing - plain white dress. So are the weddings. You may see, that most of those are decorated in white. White plates, white napkins, white curtains, table and chair covers, white flowers, white doves… Not saying this is a mistake, but, for sure, it may be called, some sort of a (nice) stereotype. 

Certainly, this depends on the taste of the newlyweds, but try to let your mind explore a bit through the world of shades.

Which one is your favorite?

Today, there are many shades and colors which can perfectly provide the extra glamor, and bring to attention the first and most important thing about the actual occasion which is love and unity. Colors such as rose or rose gold, royal blue, ivory, beige, baby blue, even red. And there are many little details that, when colored, can amazingly add to the event decor. You can even try white with a bit of black and grey, and make your event seem like Hollywood in the twenties.

There are numerous options. So feel free to expand a little and let the rainbow into your lovely day. Browse through our website and find the most beautiful colored details and dinnerware and let your mind get creative. You can find many interesting ideas on how to implement colors into the wedding decoration. Here are a few suggestions.

Make your day the brightest of them all. Embrace the rainbow from Smarty’s color palette and enjoy your perfect and one of a kind event.

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