Black & Gold Splatter Paint Macarons

Uros Krstic

How's life going on, guys? I have found a new favorite item. Do you want to know about it?

Like the rest of the world, I've been utterly obsessed with macarons this year. This sweet, quickly melts-in-the-mouth confection has all my heart!

Macarons are made by mixing icing sugar, egg whites, sugar, and almond flour. The pretty colors are given by mixing food coloring into the mixture. Some macarons come with a buttercream, ganache, or jam filling. Simply put, macarons are one of the pure perfections in this world!

So, I don't think it surprises me when I say this. I knew I had to have macarons for my birthday party from the moment I laid eyes on them. So yeah, macarons were definitely a part of my birthday party. Now, did I make the macarons by myself? Nope. Making macarons is serious business - they're not for the faint of heart. While I was up for a challenge, I didn't want to mess it up on my birthday. So, I bought my macarons from a bakery. While they tasted divine, they didn't scream "me." It was my birthday party, so it had to have something that was me. I had to give them my personal touch, so I added a little extra splatter paint pizzazz to make them mine.

DIY Black and Gold Splatter Paint Macaroons

I Feel The Need - The Need For Sharing! 

I thought of sharing my method with you all, Smarties. But, I knew you, who have a love for DIY, would appreciate this. 

Let us gather the necessary materials first, alright? Of course, having all the materials in one place is always best. Why is that? Because then you won't have to run around searching for a missing element later!

Here's what you need:

  • First things first. You need macarons in the flavor and color of your choice. (Do you want to know which Macarons I got? I bought one dozen almond Macarons. They happen to be my favorites. Oh, and they were peach-colored ones!)
  • Cookie sheet that will fit in your fridge
  • One of the 3oz containers of Wilton gold pearl dust
  • One to three drops of Wilton black icing color. (You can use any color you want. I went with black because it was a part of my theme. Also, the number of drops can be less or more depending on the color you are going for) 
  • One teaspoon of Vodka
  • Small dishes
  • A small paintbrush

Black and gold splatter paint macaroons.

Do you have all the needed ingredients? Then, this is how you can add an extra splatter paint pizzazz to your macarons!

Step one: Mix the Wilton gold pearl dust with a small amount of Vodka in a small dish. One teaspoon of Vodka is more than enough. Remember, Vodka evaporates quickly, leaving behind the pearl dust.

If you are curious about the Vodka I used, I used wedding cake-flavored vodka for my macarons. You can definitely use unflavored Vodka. Just make sure to use strong Vodka. How do you know you have got the proportions right? You'll want the pearl dust to be runny enough to splatter or drip from the brush. 

Step two: Grab another small dish. You can add a few drops of the black icing coloring to this dish and mix it with a few drops of water. You don't want to add much water- it should be just enough to get it runny. 

Step three: Now, take the cookie sheet and lay it flat. Then, lay out your macaroons on the cookie sheet. Handle the macarons with care. They are delicate beauties, after all!

Step four: Dip the paintbrush in the black food coloring and let it drop across the macaroons. You can also fling it, which happened to be my favorite method (come on, it's fun!) for a more splattery look. 

Step five: Rinse your brush and do the same with the gold (the vodka mixture) once you're satisfied with the black.

Test out different techniques until you get the look you're going for. 

Step six: When you're finished, store the macarons in the refrigerator until they're dry. Macarons need to be kept cool, or they can sweat. So plan accordingly!

DIY black and gold splatter paint macaroons.

Was it hard to find the gold dust? Not to worry, you can get the same paint splatter to look this way too. All you have to do is skip steps one and five. So you will make an edible paint mixture and splatter it with a paintbrush. And then, instead of making gold paint, you can use edible gold flakes. 

I found many other ways to decorate the macarons too. I will follow them the next time I decide to add a hint of personal touch. It would be nice if I shared some ideas with you, too, right? So, here you go!

Method one - We can hand paint the macarons! Imagine all the cute things you can paint on this yummy goodness. In my opinion, the paint will stand out a lot better on light-colored macarons. But, of course, now we all know what I will end up doing to my next set of white macrons!

The second method is to use fondant! You can use the fondant to create beautiful flowers, leaves, etc. And then stick them onto the macarons! There are pretty molds you can use to make these fondant decorations. 

Can you guess the third decorating idea I found? Chocolates? Yesss! And do you know what they say about chocolates? There can never be enough! As I said before, we can use chocolate ganache to fill macarons. But we can also use melted chocolate to decorate the macarons! You can dip half of the macaron in melted chocolate and let it cool. Or you can add a bit of sprinkle on top of it! 

Say "HELLO" To My Little Friends!

Smarties, I love to match my utensils and cutlery with my theme. So, is it even a surprise to say I used the most beautiful black and gold plates, spoons, and forks for my party? 

9.5" Black Square Plastic Dinner Plates, Gold Plastic Cutlery, Black with Gold Rim Organic Round Disposable Plastic Soup Bowls are some tableware I used. 


Party on Smarties! With Love, Smarty Had A Party!

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