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How are you doing, Smarties? It is September. The temperature is noticeably more relaxed than in the scorching summer. The hot sun is long forgotten with the wet, cloudy weather. Gone is the green, mostly from nature. Instead, we see yellow, orange, and red hues everywhere we turn. People are busy harvesting their crops. And the animals who paid us friendly visits every day are actively gathering resources for the coming long, hard winter. Have you guessed what season it is? It is official, smarties. Fall is here! It is finally autumn! 

Which season is your favorite season, smarties? Of course, we love all four seasons, but fall has a particular spot in our hearts. There are many fun things to do in the falls with our loved ones. 

Fall is just right to host sleepovers, movie nights, parties, picnics, go on an outing or take long walks, and many more! Oh, what else are we seeing? Scarecrows, pumpkins, and corn husks? Halloween comes in fall too! Now, this is perfection. 

It's Time to Party

It is a Friday night in the fall. Perfect day to host a party, get together or a dinner for your friends and family, don't you think? Let's get to set the dining table, then. Let us decide on the menu first, shall we? 

It's the season of harvesting, so we can, with a lot of natural ingredients, fresh out of the crops! You can serve Butternut squash soup, creamy pumpkin soup, mushroom soup, or potato and cheddar soup for soup. You can quickly put together a tomato salad, sweet potato, cranberry salad, or arugula salad. The wonderful pastitsio, lasagna, chicken pot pie, enchiladas, or pasta can be served for the main course.

Did we forget about the desert? No, we did not! An apple crumbles, pumpkin cheesecake, apple pie, cranberry bread, or sweet potato cookies will do as the dessert. While cranberry juice, pumpkin spice latte, and masala tea are some yummy non-alcoholic drinks, Hot Buttered Rum, Ginger Pear Bourbon Cocktail, and Apple Cider Margaritas are few alcoholic drinks you should give a try.

Dining in Style

The dining table should look perfect when hosting a dinner or any event. It is an unspoken rule, after all. Choosing proper and beautiful dinnerware and utensils helps make the dining table look flawless. 

You can serve your soup in our Round Palm Leaf Eco-Friendly Disposable Soup Bowls for a rustic look or in our White with Gold Edge Rim Plastic Soup Bowls for a classic look. You can serve your guests your salad in Vintage Round Disposable Plastic Dinner Plates. White dinnerware on the dining table effortlessly makes it look elegant. The main course can be served in White with a Red and Gold Chord Rim Plastic Dinnerware Value Set. The table cloth can make a big difference. A table cloth gives the dining table an elegant look while protecting it from scratches and stains. We think the White Rectangular Linen-Like Tablecloths or the White Octy Round Linen-Like Tablecloths will help you achieve that classy look. 

What is another essential element of a dining table? Napkins! Of course. We use table napkins to catch spills that will stain our clothes and wipe drinks and food stuck in our mouths. We also love napkins because they can be placed as decoratives on the plates before meals! The square shape of the dinner napkins allows us to fold them and form beautiful patterns. Today, smarties, we will show you a few of our favorite napkin folding techniques. 

Fall Leaf Napkin Fold 

Let us start with a fold that goes with the season, shall we? You will love the fall leaf napkin fold tutorial if you're falling for fall like we are.

Here is what you need:

Have you gotten yourself the napkins and ribbon? Then let's start without further delay.


Step 1: Lay the napkin flat. Remember, smarties, we all love a crinkle-free napkin!

Step 2: Fold the napkin in half diagonally.

Step 3: Fold in half again. It should make a triangle, pointing the top point away from you.

Step 4: Then, fold inward like an accordion, starting at the left corner. 

Step 5: Stop when you've reached the middle and hold on tightly to the base. 

Step 6: Start on the right corner, and fold inward like an accordion.

Step 7: Keep the base of the napkin secure. 

Step 8: Wrap a piece of twine (about 8") around the base of the napkin twice and tie it in the back. And, you are done. It wasn't that hard, was it? 

Here's a Smarty Party tip for you: Add a place card to the base of the leaf napkin fold for a fun touch.

Below are other easy napkin fold methods.

Fall Leaf Napkin Fold tutorial! | SmartyHadAParty.com

Flower Bud Napkin Fold


Step 1: Lay your napkin flat and fold it in half diagonally. Yes, just like you did in the first method. 

Step 2: Place the napkin so that the open ends point away from you. It should look like a triangle.

Step 3: Fold the bottom left corner to the top center.

Step 4: Fold the bottom right corner to the top center.

Step 5: Slowly flip the napkin. The open points should face away from you.

Step 6: Fold the bottom up, leaving a noticeable border. And flip the napkin over again.

Step 7: Bring the two corners together and tuck them into the other. And you are finished. The napkin looks like a flower bud, right?  

Rose Napkin Fold


Step 1: Lay the napkin flat and fold it in half diagonally.

Step 2: Roll the napkin about ⅔ way to the top. (A triangular part should be left)

Step 3: Then, slowly roll the napkin from right to left. Don't forget to tuck the ends in!

Step 4: Pull the two points apart and flip over. And now you have a rose!

Which napkin folding method is your favorite, smarties? Let us know. If your favorite fold was the fall leaf napkin fold, check out the full details on this tablescape design, A Tablescape You'll Fall For, and shop this look below!


Stay tuned for more fall entertaining ideas and tutorials! 


Party on Smarties! With Love, Smarty Had A Party!


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