Elegant Blue Wedding Inspiration

Milena Kukurekovic
Augustus Elegant Blue Wedding Inspiration | www.SmartyHadAParty.com Come sit down at this elegant blue wedding and stay for a while. Enjoying the royal treatment? Here's how you can recreate the royal ambiance and acquire wedding inspiration for your big day. What you need: Start with a floor length white tablecloth. From there add a tablecloth that drops half way to the floor - we used a Royal Blue Pintuck 90" Round Tablecloth. To add a more formal look, cinch the 90" Pintuck Tablecloth with a chair pin so that the tablecloth has equidistant semi-circle shaped drapery around the entire table. For the centerpiece, we placed one crystal like cake stand upside down and stacked another crystal like cake stand right side up. We decorated the bottom tier with flowers. Smarty Party Tip: To add functionality, try putting hors d'oeuvres or little desserts on the bottom tier of the centerpiece. On the top tier of the centerpiece, we added candle holders, LED's, and crystal-like wine goblets. With just one click of the remote, the LED's will elegantly illuminate your wedding and set the aura for the evening. Blue and Silver Place Setting | www.SmartyHadAParty.com For each place setting we used the silver beaded charger plates, blue and silver rimmed plates, and the silver secrets flatware. We folded the white polyester napkin into a fan fold. Royal blue ribbon was wrapped around the napkin to hold the fold in place and a diamond was glued to the ribbon on each place setting. The diamonds add a splash of silver to the napkin and embellish the table. Royal Blue Wedding Inspiration | www.SmartyHadAParty.com Add beautiful crystal like glasses to the table and viola! If you’re in love with this style, shop our entire Augustus Tablescape Design! Party Seriously, Smarties! Jackie Styling: Teresa Dennis, Kenwin Jones, Jackie CarperSubscribe to our email newsletters here.
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