DIY Lawn Mower For Dad

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Make this DIY lawn mower for Father's Day to let him know you love him mower and mower each day! |

Hello Smarties! Are you wondering what to get for your dad for Father's Day or his birthday? Can't you think of anything to buy for him? Then why not make something unique by yourself for dad this year? Today, we have bought you some DIY projects that'll make your father's special day even more special.

DIY Lawn Mower 

Among some things fathers love doing, mowing the lawn should be in the top 5. After all, we have woken up grumpy in the early mornings to the sound of him cutting, right? This DIY lawn mower is the perfect Father's Day craft to show dad that you love him mower and mower each day! Below is the list of items you will need to make this simple lawn mower.  

What you need:

Directions to follow:

Step 1: First, paint the inside of the 2 oz. plastic cube.

Step 2: Bend the paper straw two times at 90-degree angles. The straw will act as the lawn mower handle.

Step 3: Cut four individual diamond flowers from the black diamond flower mesh roll. These will be the tires on the lawn mower.

Step 4: Hot glue your "tires" onto the 2 oz. plastic cube.

Step 5: Hot glue your "handle" onto the 2 oz. plastic cube, and voilà! 

You sure do get bonus points for making a card to go with your lawn mower that says, "I love your mower and mower each day!" But, you don't have time to make a card, or you don't trust yourself to make a card? No need to worry. We have you covered! Here is a free printable that dad will love.

The first idea for easy enough, right? 

Read on to find the second DIY gift idea we think your father will love

''Number One Father'' Trophy 

Fathers are the best, and they deserve to know that. So why not make a "Number One Father" trophy to give him on Father's Day? 

What you need:

  • Two tumblers
  • Cardboard
  • Epoxy glue (or any other suitable glue can be used)
  • Gold paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil/marker

Directions to follow:

First, take the tumblers and tape them together. How to tape them? Tape the two bottom parts together with masking tape. 

Then, take the cardboard and draw two "D" shapes with a pencil or marker. After that, cut the shapes out with a pair of scissors. These will be used to make the handles of the trophy.

Then glue the handles on each side using the glue. Our recommendation is to use epoxy glue. It makes cardboard stick well to plastic.

Now, paint the entire thing, including the handles and the cups, in gold using a paintbrush. Try not to make a big mess. What about the tape? Oh yes, keep in mind to cover the masking tape with the paint too. Finally, decorate the cup with a No. One Dad message. (#1 DAD) You can use a different color of paint (such as black), stickers, glitter, or even a marker to write your message. 

And, of course, you can fill the cup with some treats for your dad after you are done decorating. You can even make a base, cover it with gold paint, and stick the cups onto it. Your message can be written on this base instead of the cup. 

Personalized Cups and Plates

This is one of our personal favorites. Personalized cups and plates. Hear us out.

What you need:

Directions to follow:

Clear dinnerware allows you to let your creative side run wild. There's so much you can do with them. We decorated our plates with sweet messages for our fathers. Where did we paint our messages on? Our messages were written on the edge of the plate. Keep in mind to find non-toxic paint when painting on plates. Why do we love this idea? Because we can add our personal touch to them, mainly because they are clear. We painted a cartoon version of our dads on the cups. And trust us when we say it bought a beautiful smile to their faces. Our fathers loved the cups and plates we gave them. So, go ahead and give this idea a try. You can also use stickers instead of paint to decorate your cups and plates. 

Let's move on to suggestion number four, shall we?

Memory Jar

All you need is a jar or a carafe with a lid, some colorful papers, pens, and your choice of decorating materials. Write happy memories shared with your dad on different colored papers. Unforgettable moments can be written, too. Dads love getting sentimental gifts. And handwritten notes are just that. They are also an excellent method to show how much you value him. You can either fold or roll your notes neatly and place them inside the jar or carafe. And then screw the lid on. Finally, you can add some decorations to the jar.

Here's our fifth Father's Day gift suggestion.

Snack Bowl

Who can say no to a snack bowl? We all know how fathers love watching matches. So why not give him a bowl filled with his favorite snacks he can enjoy while watching the Super Bowl? You can add a cute note to the mix too. We once gave our dads a bowl filled with various nut packets and a message that said, "We are nuts for you, dad." He still has that note! 

DIY Key chains, homemade shaving creams, oils, and aprons decorated by you are some other projects you can work on. Your father will also enjoy a meal cooked by you. You can try your hand at making his favorite food if you are a good cook. 

We would love to hear some ideas from you too. So do let us know on our Facebook page. 


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