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Sparkly Edible Glitter Cupcakes

The world got a bit brighter (and sweeter) with the introduction of EDIBLE GLITTER CUPCAKES. Remember those projects you used to make as a kid with glitter and glue… Turns out sparkles are not only meant for the classroom because they have officially entered the kitchen, too! Decorate your desserts with these edible sparkles and the lucky recipients of your delicious creations may not be able to take their eyes (or their mouths) off their shimmering goodness! Have a birthday party, bridal shower, anniversary, wedding? Sparkling desserts are versatile for any event since they can be made in the form of any cake or pastry and they can be found in any color. You can even invent colors by mixing different ones together. Use the glitter to decorate cupcakes, cakes, cookies, ice-cream, chocolate balls, cake pops… The sky's the limit! Or should we say your pantry?! [caption id="attachment_45533" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Glitter Desserts[/caption] Shown above is a great way to display your finished desserts. The tray with tasting forks can be found at Edible glitter can be purchased on many online retail sites, including the two listed below: Enjoy! And make sure to post pictures of your creations on the Smarty Facebook page! xo Esther *Product shown was created by Bedazzle My Bonbons. Bedazzle My Bonbons FAQ: What is the bedazzled coating made of? The coating is a combination of sanding sugars and food coloring, that has absolutely no texture or taste to it and is completely safe for all ages. The main ingredient in our product is starch based (similar to gum arabic), however, it is truly the PROCESS, and not the product used that creates the "Bedazzled" effect...and that is our trade secret!

Valentine's Day - Quick and Easy!

I’ve compiled a few last-minute, unique and easy Valentine’s Day decorating ideas to share with you:
  • Colin Cowie, a famous event planner that celebrities turn to whenever they have a special occasion, made a cute centerpiece using a clear bucket, filled it with Sweethearts about a third of the way up, then added a pillar candle in the center. What a nice idea for a family table with small children in the house!
  • To make a romantic champagne bucket, Cowie used a large plastic bucket, filled it half-way with ice then added some light cubes before adding a bottle of champagne. He used traditional red, but depending on your floral arrangement color, you may want to use pink, purple or a combination of all three colors instead.
  • Cheesecake pops are all the rage right now. They basically are small cheesecakes on a stick (like a lollipop) in a variety of flavors with different toppings. Put them in a holding tray like Smarty’s Red Heart Platter Pleasers Plastic Trays for a nice presentation. This is a much better idea for Valentine's party than serving one or two types of cake.
  • Floral displays of various heights using mounds of flowers in shades of purple, pinks, and rosy reds. The rest of the table was white except for the napkins, whose color matched the flowers folded neatly on the plates using a pretty napkin ring.
  • If you’re having a romantic evening, why not try some Latin music to stir the imagination. My favorite Latin music consists of Spanish guitarists, which is a lot less dramatic sounding than other Latin music and yet has a timeless quality to it. (My favorite Spanish guitarist is Alex Fox from south Florida if you need a recommendation!)
  • If having a meal with a loved one, why not try seafood paella with homemade sangria? The spiciness in the dish just may add a little spice to the night!
Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Madonna Comes to Your Home LIVE!

Whether or not you’re a football fan, you love a good party and the Super Bowl will have Madonna live at half time, so why not throw a party! February 5 at 6:30pm on NBC will feature this year’s Super Bowl live from Indianapolis. The New England Patriots will be playing the New York Giants. Besides using a football in your centerpiece, a green tablecloth (for the field) and white runners (for stripes on the field) on the buffet table, you could add pom pons and napkins in the team’s colors. You could also incorporate some items below:
  • American League Fans: New England Patriots colors are red, white, and blue. You could use flags and white plates, which would work well since the Patriots have white in their colors. You could get napkins in red and blue (since they are so cheap through Smarty).
  • National League Fans: New York Giants colors are also red, white, and blue.
  • Madonna Fans: 80’s memorabilia, Madonna’s songs and 80’s music. High fashion material girl meets tough guy football player or (pink and pigskin?), think feather boas, diamond looking beads (you could find these at a craft store), pink satin wrapped around a black medal dress form as a centerpiece.
Smarty has several items that could be used to help you with these looks. See our table linens and buffet pieces that all parties can benefit from. Besides the décor, plan on serving a variety of finger foods with dips and hardy sandwiches so people can grab something off the buffet table quickly without diverting their attention too long from the game. A signature drink, beer, and wine are all you need for the bar. Stock up now for this party and you’ll score a touchdown with your friends! Karen

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