Give Away Your Product On Facebook


Why You Should Give Away Your Product On Facebook

Here at Smarty Had A Party, we’re extremely blessed with a friendly and loyal Facebook following. Our community is very active—they answer each other’s questions and give us sincere feedback on their shopping experiences, plus they offer plenty of praise when we get it right. For many years we’ve run a Facebook campaign called Lucky Smarties, in which we mail a package of our products to one lucky fan for free. The schedule is unplanned, the fan is selected at random...There’s no contest to enter, no data being collected, no expectation of free publicity…we just give stuff to our fans because we love them. We want people to have fun and feel good when they shop with us, interact with us, and even when they just think of us. So we’ve created a space online where that happens all the time. This is our way of sharing the love with our online community. How do you show your Facebook fans that you appreciate them?
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