Three Looks For Square Silver Plates


Brand spanking new this week at are our square silver plastic dinner plates in three sizes (10.75", 9.5", and 6.5")! In this week's blog post, we're going to show how to add a little flair to your square by mixing in whimsical colors and shapes with clean straight lines for three place setting designs you'll love. Setting Option #1:
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I like to call this little diddy the criss-cross (not to be confused with the artist formerly known as P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs or Kris Kross - while we occasionally may wear our clothes backwards in the office, we'd never dream of doing such things to our dinnerware). We start off with our 10.75" White Square Plastic Dinner Plate wrapped horizontally with a folded Orange Polyester Cloth Dinner Napkin. Simply tuck the ends under the edge of the plate for a cleanly wrapped appearance.* Next, we wrap the 9.5" Square Silver Plastic Dinner Plate with a folded Fuchsia Polyester Cloth dinner napkin and stack it on top of the white plate with the napkin at a 90 degree angle, forming a cross of color. Finish it off with a 5.5" Renaissance White Plastic Saucer, a Smarty Serving Fork and a 4.2" Reflections Mini Spoon. *Smart Tip: Iron your folded napkins before wrapping for easier management. Starching is also a possibility - just remember to use a lower heat setting for synthetic fabrics. Setting Option #2:
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For an elegant ebony look, we move on to our second style option (cue Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney). Use the 10.75" Square Black Plastic Dinner Plate as your base layer. Wrap it horizontally with a silver ribbon of your choice - we suggest taping the ribbon together, not directly to the plate, so that it will easily slide off when it's time to nosh. Layer a 6.5" Square Silver Plastic Pastry Plate over that and finish it off with a well-folded Black Satin Dinner Napkin in an Elegant White Pearls Napkin Ring. Don't forget your Baroque Flatware. Setting Option #3:
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For the grand finale, we're throwing in a little spring fling! Begin with a 10.75" Square Silver Plastic Dinner Plate base stacked below a 7.5" Renaissance White Plastic Salad Plate vertically wrapped with a folded Yellow Polyester Cloth Dinner Napkin*. The cherry on top is the Baroque White Plastic Cake Saucer, which reminds me of spring flowers, and our Reflections Flatware Value Set. *See napkin folding tip from setting option #1. Party on, Smarties! Ashley
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