The Newest Trends in Party Products

Milena Kukurekovic
VictoriaBanner_SmartyHadAParty You’ve heard the saying “The Clothes Make the Man,” right? Well, when it comes to dressing up your special event, The Products Make the Party. Just look at some of the fun you can have with the current trends in party products:
  1. Mix and match patterns. Dots, stripes, paisley, chevron, gingham...put them all together, and you have a party! No longer do these pretty patterns have to keep to their respective corners at your event; they can mix and mingle all night long. Check out the variety of patterns in our plastic dinner plate selection and start pairing your faves.
  2. Champagne towers. The classic Champagne coupe glass never goes out of style. And you can take this party staple to a whole new level by using our Plastic Champagne Glasses to build a Champagne tower. If you want to make a show of it, practice pouring (first with water, until you get it down) from the top glass to spill over and fill the levels of glasses below. It’s a party trick reminiscent of the Jazz Age, but one that will never cease to amaze and impress your guests.
  3. Drink stations with small sips. I don’t know about you, but we love the idea of drink stations so much that we want to try every offering on the table. However, that can turn into a bad idea when alcohol is being served, which is why sippable serving sizes are genius! By pouring sample sized portions of your cocktail menu in our Mini Martini Glasses, guests can try every one of your creative concoctions.
  4. Family-style dining at wedding receptions. You can really work up an appetite planning a wedding! So forego the stuffy formal dining service and let everyone dig in, family-style. Our Multi-Purpose Serving Containers are perfect for passing around those delicious salads and sides. Just make sure you get enough for everyone!
These are just a few of the current trends we’re seeing. What party product trends do you love?
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